Grammar Nazism Ultimate Fighting Thread

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by ADSOL, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. Well Posh_91, I must say that among the things you need to concentrate upon when applying to hold the Queen's commission in the British army is your spelling. Comments about spreading your favours, chasing senior ranks ........ are all entirely accurate and reasonable. I suggest, however, that you should, perhaps, be aware of all of these in any event if you are as pretty as you claim to be since we men are pretty simple.

    Specifically, I note that, in one of your earlier posts, you referred to "there" as shown in, for example "... very big chip on there shoulder ...". I suggest, most strongly, that you ensure that you use the correct spelling for THEIR or THERE, as applicabe at all times, including in your application.

    Further, you need to get into the habit of getting everything right. You have made a number of "typo's" in your posts on page one. Please forgive me - I have no wish to proof read what amounts to 10 pages of replies at this time.

    Inaccuracies such as those mentioned above will negate all your good intentions and your aspirations if they appear in your application. Your sex, sexuality and demeanour etc. will be entirely irrelevant as you won't be going to Sandhurst if you make an application as lacking in a demonstrably good command of the English language as your posts would suggest !

    Good luck.
  2. I suggest that, before you lecture others on their spelling and grammar, you stop using sub-clauses to the point that your posts become practiclly unreadable.

    That last sentence is horribly constructed, by the way (even by comparison with the rest of your inelegant post). I do hope you wrote better than that in your AOSB essay.
  3. Dear Jew_Unit,

    I am sorry that you struggle to comprehend my use of English. I am also sorry that you make assumptions as to my status.

    I referred to spelling specifically. My grammar is not perfect. I am well aware of this fact. It is also something of which I am ashamed. You may note that I made no direct reference to grammar in my comments.

    Do you think that the scope of my specific advice could have been deliberate ?

    The most important point that I made in my original post was and remains that Posh_91 needs to attend to her spelling. I have seen a further example of poor spelling and, incidentally, grammar as shown in her comment " ... Possitive and Negative ..." contained in a later post.

    I am confident that such errors will weaken any application for a job. An application for admission to Sandhurst and the subsequent career opportunities that the army offer will not be viewed with any noticeable leniency.

    I hope that we can agree on this at least.

    Yours sincerely,

  4. Perhaps you can put a few more commas in next time, and how about checking your post for spelling errors you idle cnut.
  5. His point stands, twat.
  6. To i_love_ftorres

    I made a "typo". Wow ! You noticed ! Your eloquent comment does rather prove my point as to credibility. Do you agree ? I would love to claim that it was a deliberate error. Unfortunately, I cannot do so. The difference is that I am not applying to Sandhurst. My error was a "typo". Spelling "their" incorrectly is not a "typo". It is an error. That is the substance of my comment. My failings are of limited, or even, no relevance. Posh_91 wants to achieve a commission. If she is to do so then she needs to polish up a few points.

    Further, as I have stated in my reply to Jew_unit, I know that my command of the English language is less than perfect. I admit it. Do you admit that being incapable of making a comment without reverting to slang raises into question your command of our fine language ?
  7. Read the forum rules about grammar nazism.

    I actually do not think that his point stands. I am sick and tired of endless comments in the 'Regular Officer Recruiting' forum about people's spelling, which usually turns out to be a pedantic attack on a couple of typos. Quite clearly, Posh is able to use the English language well and will probably spellcheck her application better than her random posts on here. Sure, comment on those with really poor english and let them know that they need tow work on it (this happend with Xoums, a good point which he has taken on board).Why do we need to have every thread on here punctuated with pathetic English lessons from those who just want to get on their high horse. MSR is almost always the worst for this.

    I also passionately hate hypocracy. If someone cannot use the language correctly then they should not be lecturing others. I believe that setting an example is usually regarded as an important trait among officers...
  8. Before you comment on others, correct the same flaws in yourself. Pot, Kettle, etc.
  9. Well then what kind of example would Posh_91 (with all good will towards her) be setting? There is no excuse for not communicating properly in the written medium when that is what's called for. Incidentally (Posh_91 if you're reading this I hope you will take this constructively and not as a personal attack) I would say that if the written form of her verbal communication is anything to go by then her communication skills in general need some work. Better she be told now and given a chance to improve later, than to find out later and possibly have no chance to improve at all. Its not that difficult and real excuses are very few and far between.

    Edited to correct the omission of 'a'. Can't be too careful in this rarefied air :roll:
  10. Perhaps she should be told that by PM, and then by someone capable of coherent English rather than ADSOL.

    I'm pleased to see that torres feels the same way about him.
  11. Re Jew unit, good point well made. However if your going to stroll into the forum giving it charlie big spanners about spelling then your own post has got to be water tight.

    Re ADSOL, your right, i should of used self aggrandizing cnut.
  12. There should also be the maturity to accept whatever is in the mirror when it is being held up regardless of the flaws of the person holding it. Pot being black isn't an excuse for kettle's denial.
  13. I wanted to highlight the inadequacy of ADSOL as a lecturer. I don't pretend to write on here to the same standard as in my actual work and nor do I proof-read my posts in any depth. I know I came across as picking him up on his spelling, but that really was just a byproduct of telling him that he's a c*nt.

    Edited to add: I'm not getting at you. Its fair enough for you to pick me up on it.
  14. Jew unit i took your post to be you pulling me up for highlighting his spelling mistake, i got the wrong end of the stick. We're both singing from the same hymn sheet now.

    Lol this is so confusing. I was in no way refering to you (jew unit) as 'charlie big spanner', that title belongs firmly to adsol. Now when you spoke about spelling nazism i thought you were referring to me, but you weren't. Let's all just man the f@#$ up and stop being so gay.
  15. Jew_unit

    It would appear that we should end this point here as we can both find fault, regardless of non spellchecked comments, in each other's position. I must however state that I do object to your use of the term "hypocrisy" since that implies to me that you believe that I am motivated in a negative way. That is, most definitely, NOT the case.

    Such a tirade as we could develop will benefit neither one of us, nor Posh_91. I hope that we can agree to move on.

    Best wishes