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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tuffy52, Aug 21, 2011.

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  1. Ok why is it that some people feel the need to correct others regards spelling,punctuation and gramma?, see NOW this computer has told me that I have spelt gramma wrong,,,it has now told me that I have spelt Spelt wrong and I have spelt gramma wrong,,this is driving me crazy,,,,
    I shall now type a word that I have been familiar with for nearly 66 years this word is Salford,,,,see the stupid thing is telling me I have misspelt the word Salford and that I have misspelt the word misspelt and so you go round in circle after circle..........
    So I now come to the crux of the matter...Yesterday my missus came into the living room and walked over to MY computer (we have a computer each in the living room (yeh right on) on each side of the room),,,she took one look at what I was typing and said "that is just wrong,wrong,wrong",,,,,,Oh dear I said (quaking in my slippers) I'm sorry dear.
    Now what I was actually typing was a e mail to my grdson saying that "Yesterday I had some cock's in my ringpiece" however my missus corrected me and told me to type" yesterday I had several cock in my ringpiece",,Ok my dear that is what I shall type,,My missus then reminded me that "A room full of naked erect men is known as "A room full of cock" not a room full of cock's,,,So I asked my dear beloved "what would you call a room full of cunt's"?,"why heaven my dear",,,However I digress,,My missus for twenty years has been quoting to me " I before E except after?,,t.c,p.g.b,? I'm effed if I know what she is on about but I just say "yes dear",,does anyone else get pissed off when the meaning gets lost because of punctuation?...........
  2. Perhaps because correct English makes the language accurate and easy to understand for those that have got off their arses to learn it. Which you clearly have not.
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  3. Now you are very very wrong,,my wife has got a cunt (her husband)................
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  4. Innit just................
  5. Wah shield on/ Better use of commas, an understanding of the apostrophe/plural relationship and a sense of humour may have helped you get your point across better. Wah shield off/
  6. I tried to read that, I really did. What the piss are you wibbling on about?!
  7. I tried reading that, but as you have absolutely no idea about spelling, grammar or punctuation, it was totally unclear to me what you were going on about. It made my eyes bleed. Why do you feel the need to put so many ......... or ,,,,,,,,,,,, together? You won't find that in any book, newspaper or magazine. YOU are the only person that does it which should tell you something.
  8. I try not to be a grammar/spelling Nazi, but some things just grate on my nerves, for instance the incorrect use of "ou" in some words, by some attempting to spell like a speaker of (UK, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand. other Commenwealth) English. One other thing really gets my neckhairs up, which is referring to one of HM's ships as the HM(C, A, NZ)S Whatever, it is either HM(C, A, NZ)S Whatever, or the Whatever.

    Rant mode off...
  9. I know what you mean Flash, I'm the same with "Commenwealth". Twats.
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  10. Mea culpa...there are times that I couldn't organise a f**k in a whorehouse, with a visa gold card.
  11. Perhaps because correct grammar, and punctuation, leads to a clarity of expression, and a clear passage of information and ideas.

    Listen to the average rap song, or indeed the Ali G spoofs.

    If you cannot communicate clearly, then your ideas, however valid, may be lost because nobody can understand you.
  12. Never mind the spelling/grammar Nazis.
    What's all that about where people on opening a thread instantly apologise for opening said thread
    Get some BOLLOX and tell those that point to previous threads to Fook Off when they are blatantly saying you are lazy for not trawling through thousands of threads.
    When the thread is lost in time or absolutely massive
  13. Just to grind your face in the (metaphorical) dirt because we are your intellectual, moral and physical superiors. Now shut up and eat more mud.
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  14. Well for a start don't bother using the computer for spell checking. Instead, get a dictionary and actually start learning some words. I take it that English is your mother tongue, so you should make an effort to learn it better. Besides, there is far too much American English (a misnomer if every there was one!) used in computer spell checkers.

    Oh, this is NAFFI, in which case; get a fucking grip man!