Graham Poll. Coming to a 5-a-side centre near you.

Bloody hell, did anyone see that refereeing yesterday?

Absolutely Fantastic. The Rugby tackle in the box that wasn't given was one that myself or thebull140 would have been proud of.
What made me laugh was the commentator saying he was a good bet to referee the final should England not make it :) . 90 minutes later I don't think the Sussex league would have him.
As a qualified referee myself you can only make a decision based on what you see and if you're on the opposite side to the players when a possible foul is committed then you shouldn't award it based on what you think might have happened or the players reactions. Bear in mind that the referee's assistant (linesman) could have flagged or used the mike he was wearing to indicate a foul had been committed. However, the mix-up on showing 3 yellow cards was not good and just shows that, as happens with players making mistakes, referees can too.
Poll is a very poor referee when he refs a Liverpool match he is very negative towards Liverpool and this isn't a bias opinion i've also heard of Man Utd (Red Scum) fans complaining about him.

A referee should be impartial and have that appearance as well.

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