A little gem of graffiti noticed in a toilet cubicle at eye level whilst dropping the kids off at the pool noticed recently at Otterburn Camp: "Right now you are the only person in the army who knows what they are doing" :D Has anyone else noticed any other good messages inscribed on the inside of relief stations?
Hythe and Lydd in a trap in the FIBUA complex:

'Flush twice. It gets to the cookhouse quicker.'


I’ve always enjoyed writing “for gay manly sex and a good time call *insert friends mobile number here*”

Being sat in a pub with your mate when his phone goes off and some homo or homophobe has called to either offer him a length or an early grave is always funny :D
'flush hard, its a long way to the white house'
"Don't Laugh, The Jokes In Your Hand"

"I'm an Officer, and seeing all this mindless graffitti makes me realise why i'm put in charge of all you wretched peasents"
(Spotted on the range watch boxes at RAF Caerwent)

"Para Para in the Sky/ Marine Marine in a Boat"

"For the next poor bastard who gets stuck in here" (accompanied by 50 nuts and zoo magazines)

"I thought i'd seen it all in Iraq, until i spent 3 hours in this fcuking range hut"
My local pub gents toilet had just been decorated with a thick layer of multicoloured paint to deter graffiti artists. As I stood ther taking a p*ss I noticed that there was a very small area that was flat. Some wag had managed to sqeeze in "This wall has Ackney" in very small writing. Someone else had added below it in even smaller writing "Well spoted".
There once was a fella named Rafferty
Went into a gentlemen's lavatory
he looked at the sight
and said "Newton was right"
I've discovered the centre of Graffiti
The landlord of the Argyll, just down the road from the London Palladium, got heartily hacked off with the grafitti artists who would daub the same mindless drivel on his walls every night and which caused him to repaint the walls more often than he changed barrels of beer. In a moment of brilliance, he decided to become the grafitti artists' friend and installed, at some expence, a large blackboard that ran the length of the communal urinal. At close of play, mine host trotted down to the heads to see how well he had done and found, gouged into the blackboard the immortal lines:

"Wheres the f***in' chalk?"
An old one that still makes me smile:
Written in one hand "John Wayne is dead" and scrawled across it in another; "The hell I am".
I wouldn't sit on the toilet seat
The Crabs in here can jump 10 feet
And if you think that's that's quite high
Go in the girl's, the f*ckers fly!

Here I sit broken hearted...
Paid a penny...... and f*ckin' shat me pants.


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