Graffiti on Wolverhampton War Memorial

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by LanceBombardEars, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. It's the sh1tty country that we now live in
  2. The chavs responsible for this should be dealt with in a robust fashion that will deter further criminal acts of this nature.

    In reality in do-gooder Britain sweet FA will happen even in the near non-existant likelyhood they do get caught.

    How long before Britain reaches the tipping point where the average joe blow has had enough and starts to take direct action against the filth infesting this country?.
  3. One ticket for the Outrage Wagon, please! :x

    In answer to your question, Noir: it can't happen fcuking soon enough! :evil:
  4. Find the fcuking scum, and ship out to Afghanistan. In a similar style to Brat Camp. When the soldiers around said scum believe he has truely grown up (or blown up) then he can come home. Where they will stand in front of the cenotaph shouting loudly that they are ashamed of their cnutish behaviour.

    Then they get flogged.
  5. As the Old Soldier said, they know all about their rights but not the responsibilities that go with those rights.

    Its taken the Council almost a month before releasing the video, perhaps they should offer the Chavs an incentive to point the finger at the scumbags but in all honesty, IF they do catch those responsible what will they do....

    Fine them - no money, on the dole etc
    Prison - Over crowded, not an option
    Community Service - Yeah right
    Slap on the wrist and let them off with Compensation for infringing their Human Rights to be a total mong - yep
  6. All that cctv and no arrests? I couldn't hear the video, but I haven't seen anyone mention their arrest or trial even though this is over a month old?
    No job, no fine, no punishment.
    No room in prison, doesn't work anyway.
    Community service ain't worth a toss either. It's far too easy to get out of, or just refuse to do.

    I'd take the parent/s to court and give them six months jail time for keeping an offensive person about their property. Meanwhile I'd teach naughty little Levi, or whatever his name is, a trade. He's obviously got a penchant for stonework, so he can spend the next six months cleaning that war memorial from top to bottom with a brush -scrubbing for the use of-, and a couple of ex-servicemen (I'll volunteer here and now) can keep him keen and make sure he can repeat the full name and rank of every one of the deceased on that wall, respectfully, before being released back into the ever-loving arms of their freshly-out-of-prison parent(s) when the job's done.
    Either that or just punch a hole straight through the tw@t.
  7. Recreate an old fashioned Aztec sacrifcie scene.
  8. Happened down here when a toerag vandalised (i.e. smashed) a number of War Graves in Worthing Cemetary. They caught the little sod and the fun started when he got to court. The judge prohibited the publishing of the little darlings' name on the grounds that it 'might leave him open to retaliation' and fined him a token £100. The damage to one grave alone came to over £300. What can you do when the court bends over backwards to protect the little git?
  9. What's wrong with mentioning Worthing?
  10. OK, I'll try again, what's wrong with mentioning W*rthing?
  11. Wagon is warmed up as we speak. I take a stroll past our memorial now and again to keep a eye on it, someday I hope to catch someone in the act of vandalising it.
  12. My bold
    ... followed by 28 days in each of the other Regiments' (mentioned on the War Memorial) nicks

  13. Plenty of mine-fields that need clearing, my preference is Russian fasion "by foot" Hopscotch anyone?
  14. Where units have been merged in to new ones, then 28 days become 56 (etc). And any Corps represented, each of their guardrooms.

    Mine clearance in the Falklands could be a good start.