Graduation Speech US Army Inf. Basic

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Aug 9, 2006.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  2. For those of us who cannot access it, can you give us a rundown? Although I dont know why I am asking as it is bound to be some yank (notice I did'nt use Septic) bullshit speach trying to convince themselves that they are the best people in the world, whilst ignoring the fact that three quarters of the planet despise them. I stand to be corrected though.
  3. Yep DS that about sums it up, that and all Civvies are W@nkers and "you as the infantryman are not"
  4. 21st Centruy Spartans? In that case, how do they choose which one's the giver and which one's the taker? Is it decided at the Platoon or Coy level? How much cross training occurs?

    Goes to show that time is, in fact, relative. It's actually 12min 10 sec. Trip_Wire thought it was great stuff and to him it seemed to last 5 minutes. I thought it was sanctimonious and overly simplistic horsesh1t that seemed to go on for 45. He's very defensive to the extent that I'd say it would indicate that he clearly has issues with his place in life. I'm all for stirring speeches for men about to go into battle, but you can't expect it to be taken seriously in a wider context. If he genuinely believes the hype, it could be fun watching him having to deal with staff college.

    I do envy the Col and Trip_Wire in one respect though. It must be a lot easier being able to go through life without feeling the need to think for yourself about what is going on, what is the best way of doing things and wondering how your country's actions are being regarded by others- both friends and enemies or indeed whether your actions are actually making the blindest bit of difference to improve the security of the nation.

    And Trip, like it or not, you're one of the "background chatter men" now too. ;)
  5. At least they get a Recruit Graduation - I'm sure I only got 45 minutes of square bashing, a round of abuse from the Platoon NCO's, and a stale rock cake. And damn thankful for it I was!

    You have to hand it to the Septics. Right or wrong, they do the esprit de corps thing well.
  6. Spartans ? Spartans ! Has that bloke ever seen the inside of a history book ?

    Any real Spartans in the US Army would be thrown out PDQ for "inappropriate touching", violating "don't ask don't tell" or similar. Plus shouting "Hoooah" every thirty seconds isn't what I call laconic (*).

    And don't forget that Spartans also rejected democracy as a waste of time, preferring to be ruled by two kings instead while simultaneously oppressing the helots who did all the work.

    (*) From Laconia, the region where Sparta stood. Very sarky they were, much given to understatement, "I tan I epi tas" (**) and so on.

    (**) "With your shield or on it"
  7. Well, after being interested enough to endure the whole show, all I can say is what a boad of lollocks! I was very surprised not to see a big brown cloud forming in front of that hossifer's grid with the amount of indifference and insincerity he managed to inject into his little speech. It's small wonder that Septics vote for Bush the Befuddled if they swallow shite like that. Although I must say I was impressed by that beret your man was wearing. I wonder how long it took him to get it into that very strange shape.

  8. Well I had Blair at my pass out and i cant recall his speech containing many Hooah's but it was still stirring stuff, even from him.

    I do envy the American's view they have of thereselves, right or wrong they believe fully in themselves, I think we as a nation could do with that sometimes. Of course it's right to question but I for one would like to feel the Army, MOD and nation as a whole is behind me as I head off to Iraq again for the second time...
  9. What a crock of sh1t!!! But I bet it made Billy Bob's parents proud.

    Now... where's Dogface?
  10. And our word for the day is hubris.
  11. Tesco do a really nice onion and chive hubris. Great for dipping your baguette in.
  12. I thought it was part of a womens private bits?
  13. Like I said, great for dipping your baguette in.
  14. I do so love the inviting atmosphere of the Multinational HQ
  15. Blame your fellow countrymen from buttfcuk arkansas

    que deliverance banjo tune