Graduated Commitment Model

WhatAmIDoing said:
Presumably you could bimble along in the TA now without having to do very much and keep a hold of your a MOD discount card and pick up your bounty year after year after year.
Indeed - it's worked quite nicely for me for years (National TA). 19 days/year and a full Bounty. And NO Wednesday nights. And yes, I HAVE deployed in that time. On that basis I think I offer them rather good value for money. :)
It is now a definite to happen, or in some places - is.
Well, it's happened.

Our budget for the year has been issued to RHQ based on the GCM, and we have been funded to precisely 27 days per man at the average DROP for the unit.

Anything over 27 days per individual (assuming some others do less) has to be authorised by the CO. Anything over 45 days by 1*.

That's a shame, my RSigs regiment has no such cap on mtd's regardless of rank .

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