Graduate Wanting to Fly Question

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by chowie, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. I am finishing a Masters in Aero engineering and am keen to get flying helicopters in the army. I’ve been trying to find out if you can start flight training straight away if you’re accepted as an officer, or do you need to have had 4 years in service.

    Sorry if this has already been answered elsewhere, I have had a thorough search to no avail.

  2. Phone Middle Wallop and find out, they have some chaps there who deal with Officer recruitment.

    You will spend a year at Sandhurst before starting flying training.

    Flying Grading can be done before joining though.
  3. I'm a graduate wanting to join the AAC.
    I am under the impression from all the bumpf that you:

    1. Do you initial application with the AFCO
    2. Filter interview type thing
    3. Pre-AOSB Briefing (Like a pre-OASC/pre-AIB) - you get graded in different Cats from 1-4 (1 being good 4 being not Army material)
    4. AOSB - before this it's suggested you go on visits to the AAC and other regiments and get for example the AAC to sponsor you through the board.
    5. Get a yay or nay - go to Sandhurst
    6. Term 2 you apply for your chosen regiments and have a selection interview. Aptitude is done before Sandhurst as is grading (IIRC!)
    7. If are selected by the AAC you finish Sandhurst and go on to pilot training starting with EFT at Barkston Heath on the Firefly with your RN counterparts.

    Being a graduate has no bearing as far as I'm aware, other than 1-2 tours airborne, the Aircraft Commanders Course then fly a desk or go QHI.

    Hope that helps.

    Also go here and if you have any Q's email Lt Col Wood, he's very very helpful and always answers emails.
  4. Cheers for your replies guys, gonna send a couple emails Lt Col Woods way.