Graduate Recruit Seminars

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Operator, Jan 18, 2005.

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  1. Got the fun that is the GRS coming to Norwich and I've got involved in the pre-seminar information drive. Getting names on sheets and basically making sure as many people as possible know about the Army presentation.

    So, I know a few other Uni's/OTC's have done this already. I'm now wondering what works, what doesn't and where are the best places to get results. We had nightclubs suggested but I'd be wary of those as people will be drunk and won't hear a word :?

    Suggestions anyone?

    (also been told WUOTC asks to keep the info forms after GRS as a way to start chatting up fit females - true??)
  2. They came up to newcastle just before xmas, the main tactic used was handing out the leaflets in the clubs.

    From what I heard no one wanted to waste drinking time filling out forms and female cadets were seen using 'special methods' to convince people to take the dam things!

    In the end I think they went around the whole unit on a wednesday night to get enough forms filled out so the GRS would give them a days pay.
  3. Did one in Exeter recently, as part of the 'regular contingent', for want of a better word. Assuming this is the way they all run, you'll get a bunch of a dozen or so young(ish) officers turn up on the day of the GRS, to picket all the busiest bits of campus with handfuls of leaflets. They'll also be there at the GRS to chat to the guys after the presentation has finished, and give them the subbie's eye view of the army.

    I know in Exeter there was a careers fair the day before the GRS - I think that and the work on the day were probably responsible for most of the people who turned up - obviously if you do it too far in advance, there's a danger that people will forget unless they're really keen.

    I'd have thought nightclubs weren't the best idea... maybe LCR, though, or the Sportspark?

    Without wishing to get too old-gittish about this, that is kind of missing the point...

    Can't believe anyone would deliberately target fit females! 8O

    Hope it goes well and you manage a healthy audience!
  4. Did the the GRS in Cardiff last term - was quite a good laugh. Don't ask the bar if it's OK to do it in there - they may say no before you have any names at all. Think we got rejected from one bar over all three days. Anywhere that isn't too noisy is good - otherwise they and you get ratty.

    as for keeping the addresses, fair game surely!

    Who let on about that anyway? :p
  5. You familiar with UEA then??

    We've been hitting campus during the day and city bars/clubs later. NOt going too badly. Shame is GRS is on Thursday and the LCR night is thurs evening, so that's no use really.

    Anyhow, from the way things have been going I may retain just a coule of leaflets.
  6. You just getting a day's pay for that op?
    Sounds like too much work to me!
  7. Well, I'm going to have to negotiate for pay, but it looks like a day to day+1/2 will be do-able depending on workload since Monday.