Graduate officer pay post-commissioning



I'm just wondering if anybody has the actual lowdown on what's going on with regards to graduate officer pay post-sandhurst? For those of us recently commissioned, we're caught in the middle of the seniority changes (i.e. grads and non-grads all on the same seniority), however nothing had been said about changes to pay structure.

On the old system, a grad would go from £24k at RMAS to £29k on commissioning. Due to various admin thingies some of us recently commissioned are still on the £24k bracket, but I have just heard a tale from Glasgow (2nd hand) that even when these admin dramas are sorted out, we will not be going up to the higher pay scale.

Does anybody here have any actual information on what's going on? We've had a pitiful amount of information incoming. Additionally, if we are staying on a low pay bracket, that's a bit of a ballache as we'd all planned against the figure that had been spouted at us from the word go.
Frankly, I think it's a bit rich to charge a graduate subaltern more than a non-grad. When I was a troop sergeant, my young officers paid the same for their commissions whether they'd dallied in academe or not.

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