Graduate Officer entry.

Hi all,
I was going to post this in the officer recruitment thread but i thought that people who have been in the Signals would have some advice that would be more accurate.

I'm currently at college and i have made the decision to go to university, then applying to become a Royal Signals officer.
I know that you stand better chances with a degree and A-Levels as opposed to just A-Levels. Also i know it dosn't matter what subject you do your degree in aslong as you meet requirements.
At University i want to do an IT related degree. Does anyone know of any degree's that are specific to being a Signals officer, something which is closely related to the job.
Your help would be much appreciated.
Thanks for your in depth reply. That has cleared things up for me.
Much appreciated.
Just one more thing. On the Army Jobs wesite it says that as a non-graduate you will get the chance to sit a 3 year in service degree.
If i already had a degree would i still be able to do this?
If not and i was succesful in the application process and AOSB then going to Sandhurst etc. Is it just the FoS degree?
Dammj, the advice painted above is not entirely correct. If you intend to do a degree prior to RMAS (a route I would personally recommend), concentrate on an ICS related degree which covers the ISO 7 layer model, data networking, security, storage options, if you must some programming (I would suggest that the actual programming is not really required, the understanding of the programming process would be beneficial), anything that covers bearer systems (satcom, terrestrial links, radio propogation theory etc) and service desk management. Whilst this underlying knowledge may not seem that appropriate when you are doing PT with your blokes, arranging Adventurous Training and ensuring that your Tp are trained and fit to deploy, the simple fact is that in some posts you don't have the top cover from an Ops team on hand, you do have your Signallers, but they will look to you to fix the problem if they don't know how to fix it themselves. In addition as a graduate officer within 4 years or so you will find yourself as a Sqn Ops Offr commanding the "technical team" - an ability to speak there language is always useful. At some point you will become a Staff Officer - there are more than enough techical jobs that a relevant signalling degree will more than assist you with - again without the benefit of a YofS or FofS in support.

As a Tp Comd deployed whether it be with a campaign signal regiment on ops in Helmand or as a Tp Comd at say 14, 10 or 30 Sig Regt you are likely to be deployed without the back up of the Sqn Ops team - if comms ain't working, how are you going to get that assistance? Also Sqn Comds do expect Tp Comds to do something if comms isn't working. Do not be discouraged from your current path - it has many benefits.

Whilst an in-service degree may seem like a good option (in my day it was probably the best option), very few Comissioned Officers are accepted on the scheme - most on the scheme have come directly from Welbeck College.

Ultimately this is your choice - the decision for you is simple - do I want to join as an Officer, command men from an early age and utilise my degree immeadiately or enter as a direct entrant soldier, hopefully get placed in the trade that best suits you and then spend 10 - 14 years getting promoted to the point where you will actually join that management team and start utilising the management, leadership and technical skills that hopefully you have acquired at university (and of course the 10-14 years of a career).
Well putting it like that it just makes me more confident on going to university and read a degree. It's just another tick in the box really.

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