Graduate in City and Guilds - LCGI, GCGI, etc. Any good?

I know an engineering derivative of this award has been running on the REME thread but Station Standing Orders has just pointed me at the qualification available from the CGI for individuals (regardless of any engineering credentials - it isn't an engineering award).

I'm normally suspicious of any organisation that hands out postnominals for a fee, regardless of courses that I have done in the past (RMAS, ICSC(L), etc). However, I note that to achieve the same qualification a civvy needs to sweat for it and do a great deal of rather worthy work - reports, theses, portfolios and interviews.

So - is this qualificaton any good or not? Is it putting any of my past military training and experience into a useful civvy context? In which case it may be worth £80. Or am I better off saving the money as the qualification is rather infra dig for an SO2 or wasted on a military CV as prospective employers know I paid for it?

With regards to City and Guilds,LCGI,GCGI etc,they carry more weight on a CV as they are awarded after at least five years experience in whichever grade you apply for,in my case LCGI (Automotive Engineering).The equivilant in Germany would be a "MeisterBrief".My Uncle served 37 yrs in the RAF,gained a degree in IT,and the post-nominals LCGI,GCGI and is now an IT consultant,trainer.They are worth the expense and are more highly regarded than NVQs etc.

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