Graduate Entry Medical Students

Hi - I'm working at the moment on a method that gets me into graduate entry medicine in Autumn 2008. Is anyone on here that has a similar experience and if so what's been their experience of it, especially with relation to how the local TA unit treats medical students?
I am just going into my second year. ex RE, did GAMSAT 2006. As for my experience, limited but bloody good so far. Thinking of applying for cadetship, asked some advice on a new thread re. morale in the corp etc but no response so far... maybe you could help as your ex RAMC (?). If you want any specific advice fire away. Its a slog to get in but alot of doc friend have told me that thats the hardest part, of med school at least.
I'm on a grad. course at the moment and am with local TA. Thus far people have been very accomodating about course pressures etc. though I am having some difficulty with matching commitments together; PQO course dates for instance don't necessarily tie in with Uni. dates.
The degree is pretty intense so I wouldn't expect to be able to commit to your local unit as much as you may have done before, and when your unit gets deployed you may have trouble getting time off school (though you should have a pretty good case for exemption) I know of at least one mate who is taking a year out to go to Afghanistan though and I'm in discussion with the head of my school at the moment.
If you want to know more then feel free to PM me, and best of luck with your studies.

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