Graduate entry into Int corps?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by suz-bardem, Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. Hi there,

    I couldn't find this query anywhere on the board, but it was just to ask about graduate entry into the int corps.
    I've been really interested in joining the army throughout university and have just completed my third year and have now achieved my bachelors degree in neuroscience at a grade B.

    Would the army accept me for officer training even though I did not do my honours year? I've looked through the website and while all it asks for is a degree, I wasn't sure if it meant honours?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. You managed to spend three years NOT getting a Honours Degree
    Good Parties, or were you on the short bus?
  3. Grade B? Would that be a 2:1 then, or does your university do its own kind of degree classification?

    Unless you just happened to be attending university in Scotland, please explain why you do not have honours.

    I can't help you with your question, I am not in the army (same situation as you). I'm just really curious about your post.
  4. I smell a joke here.

    Something along the lines of Neuroscience and Intelligence?
  5. Sorry, I didn't explain properly. I'm at uni in Scotland, so whilst I went to university when I was 17, you have to do 4 years here to get honours, rather than the 3 years in England.
    If you complete 3rd year, you get a bachelors degree, but it's not honours.

    I can go on to do honours, but I'm really not keen on it as none of the projects interest me.
  6. Hons is what you get if you do a dissertation/thesis/large project. Unless you are at Oxbridge where you get in anyway.... Courses that don't have a diss are just BA or BSc whereas diss/thesis courses are all BA Hons or BSC Hons.
  7. To anyone from a Scottish uni who's interested, I just spoke to the army careers office and they said that you could go in as a graduate with a Bsc (bachelors) without honours.
  8. suz-bardem

    Apologies for some of the bone and unhelpful responses you have received. I was in the same boat as you when I joined as I also joined with an Ord degree from a Scottish university. It does not make a shred of difference. Good luck with your application.