Graduate entry into Int Corps?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by suz-bardem, Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. Hi there,

    I couldn't find this query anywhere on the board, but it was just to ask about graduate entry into the int corps.
    I've been really interested in joining the army throughout university and have just completed my third year and have now achieved my bachelors degree in neuroscience at a grade B.

    Would the army accept me for officer training even though I did not do my honours year? I've looked through the website and while all it asks for is a degree, I wasn't sure if it meant honours?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Grade B, WTF is that?
    Is that supposed to be a Upper Second for the mentally challenged?
  3. Yes, it's like a 2:1. No, not for the mentally challenged. What a pointless statement.

    Anyways, I got my answer, I can apply as a graduate. :D
  4. Yes, but do you go to a proper university?

    University of central/metropolitan/random name attached need not apply!
  5. Don't think your degree will be a lot of help as an officer; many of your soldiers will be able to wipe the floor with your grades.

    Rather suggest you concentrate on what an attentive and inspirational leader you can be :wink:
  6. Lol, yes it's a good uni. And I just wanted to know if I could get in as a grad.....I'm ready for it being extremely hard work!
  7. In my Det the Lcpl who makes my tea has a Masters.
  8. Pah. My LCPL collator in Armagh had degrees in English and Law and I made him clean my ashtray daily.

    Because I could.
  9. ssshhh you'll put her off :)
  10. Sennelager, 1986, pouring rain, Staff College demo, Royal Signals hosted, hence a bullshit circus of the ocean-going class. One of the chaps, young LCpl, drenched to the skin, trudging through the mire, leading the last syndicate of Staff College students to the dodgy end of the demo - 14 Sigs, CPU, Special OP troops, all that sort of nasty stuff.

    Immaculate Guards officer, in wellies and brollie, to young LCpl: "So, um, Corporal, what's your role in all this?"

    Young LCpl: "I'm a fucking Russian linguist in the fucking Intelligence Corps and a fucking MA (Cantab) in English, what the fuck does it look like? Sir."

    Seriously, don't let the degree condition your choice. If you want to lead Intelligence Corps soldiers, they won't be impressed by academic qualifications, they'll settle for someone who'll look out for them and their interests and will try hard not to get them killed unnecessarily. Getting your round in and not getting too sensitive and precious when your chaps consistently beat you at the Telegraph crossword are useful characteristics as well.
  11. Gladys; didn't realise you and a fucking MA in English, as well as your Russian!
  12. All that shows is that a degree does not an officer make!!
  13. and

    Yes, it's like a 2:1. No, not for the mentally challenged. What a pointless statement.

    How can it be like a 2:1, i.e. an upper second class honours degree when you haven't done your honours year? (whatever that might mean)
  14. No such luck, I was the fortunate Troop Sergeant who got to enjoy a seriously simplex conversation with the (Royal Signals) syndicate DS Lt Col who felt that LCpl O***** had failed to show sufficient respect to the preening woodentop popinjay who'd complained. Oh, and another conversation, you won't need your mug, no need for a chair and keep your hat on, Sgt Glad, with the CO on our return to Celle.
  15. Where did you do your degree then? Doesn't sound like UK to me, i'm pretty sure when I did mine, we were given 1st, 2:1 and so on. And honours was all to do with how many modules you did or didn't successfully complete, not years...

    And seriously, neuroscience! And you want to join the army? Surely there's jobs out there you that will pay in a year what my house costs!??!

    As for officer training, you don't even need a degree. Some of the best officers i ever had the pleasure of making tea for were ex rankers or had joined straight out of VI form. Being an (good) officer isn't about academic excellence it's about personality and people skills.

    As for Int Corps officer, do a search and you'll be probably see just how hard it is to make it in.