Graduate Demand Outstrips Skills

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jon1467, Feb 9, 2006.

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    First time I have done that so apologies if it failed)

    This is a subject rather close to my heart as I am myself at University. I would like to know how arrse as a collective feels the government should change its education policy to solve this problem i.e. the lack of skills such as team working in graduates.

    I believe that the problem arises much earlier with poor secondary education leaving the Universities with too much work to do with students, bearing in mind that very few if any University lecturers are trained teachers.
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    BBC News
  3. ...and expect the vacancies to be increasingly filled by Chinese and Indian graduates rather than comprehensively-schooled aboriginal Brits.
  4. My course (engineering) does an optional module called "Leadership & Team Work" 2 out of 3 of the lecturers are ex military types and some of what they teach are things like command tasks and planning exercises with an engineering slant. I totally agree with the thread, last Monday I was in a tutorial where small groups were doing presentations on their projects the standard of some of them was pretty bad, I think a lot of it was down to lack of confidence in talking to big groups.
  5. Labour need to realise that if they continually lower standards so that they can achieve their aim of increasing university education to 50% of th epopulation, they will result in a large number of medium to low skill graduates competing for less and less jobs demanding increasingly higher skill bases.

    They also need to stop all these shite courses that are purely there to allow someone to gain 'a degree'.
  6. While I normally disagree with Agent Smith's Labour bashing, I have to agree. With degree's like "Pig Farming" and "how to score the perfect penalty", it's no wonder that so many people with degrees are idiots.

    It's hard to meet someone, who dosen't have a degree/equivalent/post grad quals.
  7. I feel that many "undergraduate courses" simply do not require a "University" level of intelligence and that by crediting them as such devalues many other worthy degrees.

    Fundamentally I think it comes down to the current holders of power believing or at least trying to make everyone believe that everyone is capable of anything. There needs to be a cultural change where schools set achievable standards for different students. Not everyone is capable of studying Quantum Physics successfully.

    Now my little brother struggles with Maths, he recently completed his GCSE mocks and despite only achieving 40% was awarded a "C" grade that is ridiculous. A little more failure for everyone is what youth requires, it encourages people to work harder.
  8. Why thankyou.

    To me, this just sums up the socialist/left wing view on education. They want to drag people up from the bottom, by ccurtailing the excellence at the top. Whilst this may seem to be ethically based (ie helping out the weakest), it is a sure fire method to lower standards over all.

    It's always best to allow the top performers free reign to excel, whilst nurturing those that at lower levels in order to help them succeed.
  9. 40% and a "C" grade? He's been hard done by! 40% in the exam should get him a B grade, IIRC, assuming that he has done all the coursework.

    But don't tell him that; make him work harder and get a better score at the end. Then he'll have a better chance of understanding important things like money, and taxes, later in life!

  10. New Labour wishes to create and enlarge a huge constituency of students and lecturers who will likely vote Labour. That's what this is really about. The simple fact is that no more than 15-20% of the population actually SHOULD go to Uni. If 50% go, where's the value in a Uni degree? Employers will simply differentiate on (a) which Uni you went to, i.e. the 'old school tie'; and (b) higher degrees, which only a small percentage will get. This is already happening. All many of the kids going to Uni now are doing is getting massively into debt for the sake of a worthless piece of paper.

    Andy Pipkin
    BA(Hons) Big Brother Studies
    University of Neasden (formerly Neasden Special School)
  11. 40% for a grade C for fecks sake, if I got that at Uni I would fail!

    It also makes those who are actually good enough get into more debt as they have to spend five or six years getting post grad degrees that mean something.
  12. The uncomfortable truth that few wish to face is that most of the degrees created by the recent expansion in university take-up are worthless. Where employers used to ask for a couple of A-levels, now they ask for a degree. The jobs the same, the pays the same but the individual gets a load of student debt and a qualification in something no employer takes seriously.

    Conversely if you go to a traditional university and do an old fashioned degree in engineering, science or the law it's just as hard as it always was, but it means you can get a job earning a traditional graduate premium.

    Nothing has changed in other words, except that a lot of young people spend 3 years at university running up debt.