Graduate Biomedical Scientist

My son has just graduated (2:1) with a degree in biochemistry and fully intends to continue to a higher degree (MSc or PhD) in something to do with molecular biology :? He is interested in joining the TA as a biomedical scientist. The problem (and no he hasn't yet chatted to the TA) is that he seems to fall between two stools. Looking at the army web site, it seems that there are no officer careers for biomedical scientists but he seems to be over-qualified for a soldier career (the biomedical scientist job leads to a degree rather than for people who already have one).

Now I know that that eventually he will speak to the TA but in the interim has any one got any advice as to how he can proceed?
Over qualified for a Solidiers career? Every BMS in the forces is degree qualified, training to become a BMS "leads" to a degree however you are not a BMS until you have successfully finished your degree.

The TA do have officer BMS staff however these tend to be people that hold posts of importance within an NHS pathology lab such as head of section.

In order for him to become a BMS he will require to do a BMS top up year with an accredited university, having a degree in Biochemistry won't necessarily get him into the trade, neither will Molecular Biology (which is only part of the BMS degree)

The military have no use for Molecular Biologists as a whole, maybe he should look at training as a Pathologist and then joining the TA as an Officer?

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