Discussion in 'Aviation' started by orificecadet, Jan 19, 2007.

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  1. Ok my first post in this forum. I've just been offered a commision in the AAC and I'm in the process of accepting it, I'm handing the letter in tomo morning. I'm unluckily enough commisioning without grading and was wondering if anyone had any hints of how to pass. I've got all the checks notes and so on but any other advice would be good.

    Many thanks OC
  2. Your sig block seems a little keen given you've not past grading yet...
  3. think with quotes like that, your signature block, and the fact you abbreviate your name to "OC" (not yet you're not)... the AAC will be delighted to have a modest young officer like you.

    please come back and let us know how flying grading goes.

    particularly if you fail.
  4. Is english your first language?
  5. I'm guessing at best 4th; maybe even 5th or 6th.

    Unless of course he wrote his post sat upside down under a table with his Mum's bra on his head watching a DVD of 633 Sqn and shouting "Angels one five Tally Ho Red Leader."

    Just a thought.
  6. hey, leave the lad alone. he's going to be a pilot you know :)
  7. Phew, lucky I stopped flying yonks ago!!
  8. Is it the first or second day of grading that they take the wannabes into the big hangar and measure the circumference of their enormous egos?
  9. and I love you all too
  10. From what I can recall - 'twas long, long ago - grading is an assessment of your ability to retain instruction, and demonstrate to your instructor that you've assimilated what he's shown you.

    It may also identify if you have a natural ability, but more especially whether or not you are capable of being trained to the very high standards that they will expect of you.

    There may also be an element of filling seats with suitable candidates for future requirements.

    You might want to consider changing your sig block. You have a very long way to go before you can make that claim.
  11. And thanks christ i'm out in 2 years - that way he won't tip up in my squadron, then be ignored by me when i tell him he's been a cnut for flying out of limits etc etc and that he's an officer and knows best cos that's what they told him at sandhurst! Officers friggin flying club! :rage: