My married quarter was recently reclassified on a Board of Offficers and is now deemed to be Grade 4 (it was Grade 2!), but this will not come into effect until 20 Dec 06? Why? If it is deemed to be Grade 4 today as a result of this Board, then why do I have to wait until 20 Dec 06 until I start paying less rent? Anyone got any ideas?
When ever they submit your new grading it should be back dated to the day of the Board of Officers, thats if they are down grading. If they were going to up your grade to say grade one, they have to give you written 3 months notice before it comes into effect to give you a chance to appeal. You have a good case here, you should go and have a word with your SSO/Housing Officer
If the re-grade was a challenge (ie you disagreed with the grade of the quarter within 3 months of occupying it) the downgrading will take effect from the date of the challenge. If however it was part of a normal regrading board then the powers that be have 3 months from the date of the board to notify you of the change, but any change will not e backdated.

Unfortunately that is just the way the system works. I have gone through a similar problem with the grading of single living in accommodation.

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