I'm going to pop into the AFCO and I was wondering if its even worth enquiring about the REME for me, entrance requirements state at least grade 3's in English, Maths and a Science/Technical subject however I got a 2 for English, 3 for Maths and a 4 for Physics. Will this just flatout disqualify me from the REME? At the moment I'm doing an Intermediate 2 Electrical course at college so will this overtake the 4 in Physics and make me eligible? Thanks.
I would ask your recruiter.. If you got/get a good BARB score you might be allowed. I got 2 C's in Science, a D in maths and a C in English + Other college qualifications. I got 80 on my BARB so I am going to ask my recruiter as instructed by the online advisors.. Will let you know what he says tomorrow. Fingers crossed

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