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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by laurencarter, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. Hi, just wondering i got graded P8 5 years ago for a medical condition. However it is now treated, and i am not on any medication, and my doc can back this up. Does P8 mean you can never apply again for the army?
  2. hi sorry i can't tell you, for a start i don't even know what p8 means however what a can tell you is your best just to phone/pop in to a careers office and get a "proper answer" ie a factual one as i've seen threads in "joining up regular" where people ask similer questions and get loads of conflicting answers some saying yes others saying no so you'll be no better off and end up having to contact the army anyway
  3. I was P7 for two yrs with a very broken leg (smashed in four places, plated an screwed back together, was Regs at the time) all it done for me was hold me back for promotion for a couple of years, after being reinstated to full fitness, life was just the same as before being downgraded, but P8 is a different kettle of fish, best to take cormacks advice 8O and ask at the local AFCO. Or ask in the medics forum.
  4. So is this over and above the High Blood pressure & Common Assault unspent conviction? You do have some issues!

    You seem to be a recruiters worst nightmare, He/She will have to get out all the books - maybe that's why the unit clerk "lost" your docs!

    I would assume if you were dicharged P8 then you would need an assessment by a MO before any application could be persued.
  5. Unspent Common Assault?
    High Blood Pressure? Is the P8 for the blood pressure?

    Have you thought about a career in the fast food industry?
  6. Look in the regular recruiting forum for the "sticky" thread with all the details on medical standards.
  7. Yeah it was for blood pressure 5 years ago. The common assault is not a problem i have been told.
  8. Bet you've avoid those places since.
  9. Bad um tisch. Try the Veal.

  10. Sometimes previous medical conditions can prevent you from joining such as previous diagnosis for certain cancers etc. Dunno about blood pressure but it may prevent you from joining if they have it on their special list of previous illnesses that they cannot accept.

    As stated before more eloquantly than myself, contact the Careers office