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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Adjutant, Jan 14, 2002.

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  1. My spies at the Death Star (APC Glasgow) have told me that this has been delayed due to an amendment.

    Doubtless this is to include various new jobs such as SO3 Co-ord/Visits in Kabul which they have had trouble filling (up your street, Commando?).

    If anyone can throw any more light on the subject, please do.  I'll forward any new info as soon as I have it.

  2. I believe that the post of Mayor of Imber is now vacant following the publication of the Beige List.

    I also await the SO3 Jobs list with bated breath and a fresh pair of skiddies.
  3. Mayor of Imber?  What about this chap everyone's talking about downstairs at JCSC? Sounds like a prime contender to me ;)
  4. Adjt - have you managed to squeeze anything out of the Death Star Re the list? I believe it is due out today
  5. Hot News - Red_Hot has just picked up my job - still waiting to hear where I am going
  6. You want good jobs? Go E2! I'm talking easy life. Navy, RAF, overseas? Try SO2 etiquette somewhere.

    Remember if they need an Army guy, its probally because they can't fill it, so go big ask for POHR.

    Just threaten your MCM Div desk officer with TRANSFER ( Never Signing Off- Stropy) And you can get what you want!

    Try it. And for all you hard core thrusters...Always put down French Staff College.
  7. Ops Offr, if you are who I think you are and Red Hot is who I think he is then I am in an excellent position.

    My theory is that Red Hot will find it impossible to keep it zipped up and will be captured aboard one of the kids within 6 months  - hey presto the job will be up for grabs and I'll be there in a flash.
  8. That's the kids not the job I assume?
  9. Actually, this is nothing to do with Grade 3 staff. Does anyone have the faintest idea (apart from humbly kissing lots of feet at The Death Star) how to get a UN job, ie UN monitor or similar. That said, UNAMSIL or UNIKOM don't flick my switch. There must be a desk officer at LAND who handles these things? Advice/helpful comments etc much appreciated.
  10. Cheers PTP! That's me sorted post TELIC.
  11. Bomblet

    OPTAG/UNTAT (whatever they're called now) at Lydd run several UNMO courses during the year.
    The course is about 5 weeks and consists of a selection phase and a training phase. You should have an aptitude for working with a foreigner - Bangladeshi or similar) and a driver/interpreter and having nothing but a 4x4, a pistol and a UN Amex card.

    At present I believe the UK prov

  12. Getting SO3 visits jobs is good, but you really need to be small, female and pretty-preferably with big jugs
  13. 8) I'm not small - so the girls tell me, don't have big jugs - I do enough PT still, though am apparently - according to my Mum, quite good looking.

    The third reason must have got me the now ADC job in the Falklands. Was Visits, etc. when I started, but lots of politicing later....


    So in summary, go for it. As for UNMO - there's a course run by the Russian Military outside Moscow about 3 times a year. It lasts a month and there are places for UK the Adjt's desk for the signal...

    I did and had a bloody good time indeed!