I need a good Grace for a 22 Year dine out, with Ladies and Officers present, does any one know what sort of grace it could be?:?
I am not a godly man, and would like to make a few chuckle, even if they shouldn't!
Forgive these foolish men oh lord as they seek to turn wine into water - Amen
Good Wine
Good Meat
Good God
Let's Eat.
Murphy_Slaw said:
Good Wine
Good Meat
Good God
Let's Eat.
That one comes over particularly well when done by a Padre.
Obvious I know but it's always worth asking the Padre for advice on these matters; they're all 3rd Dan Black Belt Masters of Graces.
For good friends, good food and good wine may God be thanked..oh I'm sorry I'm in the wrong mess!
May God bless this table and all who sail in her.
God of goodness bless this food
and keep us in a joyous mood
Bless our meals and those that serve us
and for tomorrow's hangover
Lord preserve us
For what we are about to refuse, may the pigs be eternally grateful
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