Grab yer SLRs and fire up the Dakota - no wonder Tropper's been quiet of late.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by freedomman, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. Calling all Arrsers - to arms! To arms!

    From the Torygraph: British pensioner jailed with Taliban after arrest on Pakistan's Afghan border - Telegraph

    A 70-year-old British man is being held in one of Pakistan’s most notorious prisons alongside suspected members of the Taliban after being arrested in the country’s lawless tribal regions, close to the border with Afghanistan.

    Pakistani Army soldiers on patrol in South-Wairistan tribal region near the Afghan border Photo: EPA Local authorities told The Daily Telegraph they were investigating what Nicholas Bain was doing in such a dangerous area known for its Taliban and al Qaeda presence.

    “He had entered Pakistan from Afghanistan via the Torkham border crossing. We suspect that he is working for a British intelligence agency,” said an official of the Khyber Agency.

    However, Mr Bain has told his interrogators he was travelling through the region to research a book.

    A police official said he was arrested near Landi Kotal, where a fort guards the historic Khyber Pass, when he was unable to produce valid travel documents. He has been held at Peshawar Central Jail since his arrest last week.

    Doubt the Outrage bus has the range....
  2. I'm ready,anybody got a spare puttee I can only find one,and can we be back in time for the Vicars bingo afternoon on Thursday?

    Dont panic Tropper we'll save yer old mucker
  3. Get me out lads. The internet speed in this jail is cr@p and all the porn sites are blocked.

    All I did was pop in to McDonalds, have a bite, and compliment them by saying "That fillet o' fish was good enough for Allah." Now the buggers want to get me stoned - but I don't take drugs.
  4. Puttees? Gaiters surely you sprog, or are we talking about the ones that come up to your knees?:)
  5. Can I polish them black? I only said puttee to get in with the young 60 year olds :)
  6. I've arranged a contact in Mombassa to sell us several dozen crates of brand-new AK-74s, Glock 17s and a rocket-launcher thingy.

    We then swap these up the Khyber for locally made Enfields, Webleys and a 25 pounder and press on.

    Anyone got the number of a decent pith-helmet supplier?
  7. I'll supply the A41 and Mapco !
  8. Don't they make Blanco anymore?:)
  9. Which one of you is going to act like the crazy priest and his poor servant as you traverse the khyber pass?
  10. I'm game, I'm only 34 though so will have to play the Esposito role. Minus the round to the canister preferably
  11. Tropper will be working on an escape plan as we type,I bet he has an old Lybia map stashed on his person
  12. Can I wear me Kilt?
  13. I read that as labia map; an unwelcome mental image, I can assure you!
  14. I could do with a Labia map. I reckon its that doddering dodderer who drove 300 miles going to his sisters 20 miles away, he was using shatnav.
  15. "A 50-year-old American, Gary Faulkner, was deported in June after being arrested as he hiked towards the Afghan border. He was carrying a handgun and a sword and claimed to be on a solo mission to hunt and kill Osama bin Laden."

    Awesome! And in the best Brit nutter tradition. Lets make him an honory (see what I did there?) Brit.

    Anyway, Sluggo, can you bake a file with a cake in it so we can get Mr. Bain out and away.