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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bloodgroup_o+, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. Firstly apoligies if this has been asked before but I'm on borrowed time on ere so didnt search it. Just wondering if theres any Inf/FR lads can recommend a good grab bag to get, I aint tried any out yet and they seem to be all the rage with snipes these days. I've been on a few websites an its grand reading the specs and images but I'd rather go for a type tried and tested already. Basically I'm looking for something in place of the webbing as I'll be working out the back of a Spartan, and it would help if it was big enough to take a few LMG bags and some dems kit as well as my mags an the rest of the guff.
  2. 01874610036

    Call the above number, it's Jay Jays in Brecon. I had him do a basic copy of a Claymore bag but in the same material as PLCE.

    He does however do propper grab bags for £45 made to how you want them, my mate recently got back off Herrick and he was in his Squadrons Support Tp so was doing a similar role to what you'll be doing (except he was playing with Jav).

    Hope that helps,

  3. Blackhawk do a good one as well-Try Brokenarrow1971 on Ebay.
  4. Don't know anybody who didn't bin their man-bag within the first few months of their Herrick 4 and 8 tour. Just buy a bigger daysack!
  5. Cheers for the posts lads
  6. We had loads of blokes buy them prior to H7 and binned them after doing RSOI. You're best bet is to get hold of a 51 bag or something similar, and they're free
  7. Agree with the 51 bag, big enough for a couple of mags, water a few admin bits. Small enough to be stashed pretty much anywhere.
  8. How about a Claymore bag? Thats where the whole manbag ball started rolling!
  9. For what it's worth I used a Claymore Bag on Herrick 4 and although it was in addition to belt kit it worked alright for me, then my mate used the same bag on Herrick 8 and he was happy with it... So much he hasn't returned it.

    Troopers in Colchester made mine and modify it for HE or Phos pouches, or netting for maps on the back. All up he comes in about £35, but worked for me.

    Hope that helps...
  10. Honestly, I think man-bags are pretty pap. They are a nightmare to use when using osprey. Personally i think a number of single or double 5.56mm Mag pouches on the front of your osprey are pretty simple and effective
  11. I found driving a nightmare with pouches on the front, hence switching to man bag. Not sure who made mine, make one thats pretty similar.
  12. Ok, fair one. But he is in a back of a Spartan. I know he will be squeezed in there with another dismount plus all the other shite.
  13. black hawk do a good one,

    we had some issued while on herrick,

    best not to get one too large as its not to comfortable to patrol with