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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by error_unknown, May 15, 2004.

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  1. So we agree now on these, shall we say, "facts." So the question remains, who used these facts, this as you say "soft target," to their advantage, hein, mon petit punk jaune courageux de poulet?

  2. No. You are attempting to weave Berg's death into an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, which you will ultimately attempt to link to your Holocaust denial psychosis, and I think you are wrong and would benefit from some sessions with a good psychiatrist.
  3. No I am not (is the shrink cute . . . ?)! Forget the "H" word or Punchline Pongo will pop yur pe pee . . . However, let's let the story fester a little, n'est pas?
  4. I am a professional classical guitarist - is that bad enough?[/quote]

    So, you spent a lot of time in the Navy strumming?
  5. You all may recall the recent furvor over coffins arriving at Dover that the US Department of War has placed off limits to the media. Reason? They claim to protect the family of the fallen and the honor of the service person. Notwithstanding the fact that Berg has no military affiliation, here is a family that wants in. No go says the DOW.
  6. So? His funeral was yesterday, so it didn't hold anything up, and he wasn't a member of the military.

    And do you mean 'furore' or 'fervor'?
  7. Some on off hours. I was also an officer member of an aviator singing group that toured the US mostly for recruiting purposes. I am singing a slightly different tune today. I hold a degree in structural engineering and a masters in music.
  8. of course. Thanks.

    "The beheadings will stop when morale improves." - Ensign Flag Parker
  9. Generalquarters wrote

    So why are you such a complete TOOL?
  10. I think it was me mum . . .
    (snip) Mr. Hamod makes a number of other points.
  12. Like they did on 9/11, GQ?
  13. Do you believe Pearl Harbour was an elaborate hoax? I'm fairly well informed on the conspiracy theories, and the responses to them? I won't pretend that you'd be able to have sensible discussion about them - but in case any spectator is interested, the truth is: it wasn't. Things can go wrong, you know.