Discussion in 'Infantry' started by westy_1981, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. hello all,

    just wondered if anyone can recommend a decent GPS unit? i have been told the garmin geko range are good - in particular the 201.
    anyone else got any views? also decent places to get them at a good price?

    cheers, westy
  2. Is it for Ops or out and about type stuff?, some very nice wrist type ones on sale right now, you will have to sell a kidney for some though, shop around.

    Here is one I have

    Wrist type (few variants)

    there are even watch types
  3. the Garmin eTrex are good cheapo ones. The more features you want the more it'll cost you.

    I would say go for ones with the joystick cursor (such as the eTrex venture or legend).

    It makes entering numbers so so so much easier than just up/down buttons.

    try the gps warehouse or for cheap ones on t'internet.
  4. I have just bought the Garmin Foretrex 101 (see above) and it is an absolutely top notch bit of kit. This is the lowest one of the range but has all the neccessary bits that you would ever need for military navigation and none of the more wierd and wonderful features of the later models, such as massive memory or the ability to store phone numbers etc! The most important feature is that it takes 2 triple A batteries and is not mains rechargable as all the later models are. I think this is actually better because you don't want to have to remember to recharge it 15 hours before stepping out, and means that for a sudden move, you can just throw new batteries in and it's good to go.

    It's comfortable on the wrist as long as it's on the outside of your clothing, and is remarkably smaller than the good old Garmin ETREX.

    Cost wise it retails at 110 pounds but as I am currently in the Sandpit I got it through the Yanks for 85 pounds, absolute bargain. I have forced myself to learn all the gucci features I never bothered with on my ETREX and I have to say it's the best bit of kit I've bought in a long time.
  5. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    The Garmin Range are alright - I've the blue one with a cursor - but they are sod all use when they're cold. Had mine a little below freezing in 'stan last winter and the liquid crystal really slowed things down. Below -5oC (which, lets face it is pretty often over there) you couldn't use it outside for more than a minute or two before the screen froze.

    I found that once the damage was done, the unit never really recovered - it has streaky lines at random times now unless you have completely fresh batteries.