Discussion in 'Officers' started by Toe-Mass, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. No wanting to sound too much like a techie but do we learn how to use GPS at Sandhurst and will it be available on exercises? What about the use of GPS in the Army in general? Is it widely used?
  2. Yes, GPS is widely used in the Services for various purposes and no, you will not be allowed to use it at Sandhurst. You will be taught how to read a map for those awful moments when the GPS signal becomes unavailable just as the cloud comes down and reduces visibility to the end of your arm!

  3. GPS should not replace the basic skills master those first and then you can use GPS

    Buy your own for 100 of your hard earned - you know what they say about officers and maps - will save your butt on more than one occasion, I am sure!

    As for being taught how to use one, read the bloody manual like everyone else or get yourself on one of the RE SMS MAPRIC Courses!


  4. instead you'll be taught how diplomicy so that you can ask the nearest SNCO where the **** you are without him pissing him self laughing
  5. Yes 90%of commanders have their own GPS , you do have to master a map and compass first .
    When you get really good with a map and compass you can then see that a GPS is not the be all and end all
    of navigation . Use you map first then check your GPS as a reference . Saying that a GPS is a god send in the
    desert . It makes you wonder how the old boys use to navigate .
  6. To answer your question in general terms, we never know exactly where we are, we can only gather evidence and relate this to the information we have available in the form of the map/image/plan/chart/sketch-map. The evidence can be obtained from observation of the surroundings (visibility permitting), use of the compass, use of the GPS and the observation of stars and movement of the sun. As we gather more and more evidence, we become more confident in the accuracy of our predicted location on the map.

    Therefore, the GPS is one tool of many in our navigation armoury. It should not be used on it's own (if avoidable), but in conjunction with the other tools. We must master the use of all of these tools. You wouldn't want to navigate just with a map or just with a compass or just with a GPS if you could avoid it, although it is possible.

    GPS is particularly useful for vehicle mounted ops when you are covering ground fast and you may need to fix your position quickly and accurately or monitor your position. As also used well by the enemy - Iraqi artillery observers in 2003 and insurgent groups since then.
  7. ... its worth getting to know..

    On Ops if you have to rely on the Spams, their chosen weapon of choice delivered by air is more than likely to be GPS guided..

    Don't forget to give the target grid... not yours!! it has been done.. and unless you want a visit from Mr JDAM..

    Its also worth knowing and owning GPS for gross error checks...I use a Garmin Legend, tip top bit of kit

    also saves embarrassment.. we have all got lost at least once using a map!!
  8. As in the cracking film footage of our SPAM brethren bringing in some ordnance onto themselves in Ganistan (Kali jangli prison), look out for some Brit troops giving each other a quick lesson on GPMG gas stoppages during the duck shoot as well !
  9. Sun compass during the day and dead reckoning at night.