Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by SubTig, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Looking at possible investing in a GPS system. They seemed to be the thing to buy 6 years ago when I was first in but are they worth the money and are they any good?

    If so, any brand or model people would suggest which takes (if exists) map for Afgan.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. e trex seems ok.

    They do some now that fit to your writst like a big watch...

    depends what you want to do with it.
  3. get the active 10. it shows everything as an OS Map.

    super cool... even if it is £300

    foretrex is the e trex on your wrist. seems to be popular with most military types I've come across.

    looks ally as f*ck if you attach it, using the writband, over the top of your SUSAT instead.

  4. I have an eTrex Legend. Ms Bigeye's iphone has a GPS built in that is more accurate. You can make telephone calls on it too, apparently.
  5. In '07 disposable battery models were the way forward as it was easier to find a set of AAA's than find a spare USB port in a FOB.
  6. likewise I heard iPhone's struggled with signal
  7. I've not long got a Garmin Legend HCX and I'm very happy with it. Loads of free maps out there for all sorts of places, 2 x AA batteries or runs direct from the USB cable, good battery life, micro SD card for storage and the enhanced sensitive stuff inside makes it more accurate. At about £140 it is loads better than the basic but I couldn't make the jump to £300 for the fancy ones.
  8. "Anything with Garmin on the box" would be the the start point, after that its up to your budget. I've got a now fairly elderly etrex summit - built in altimeter and compass. Not modern enough to display a map like the new ones - but mostly all I've ever wanted was a nice solid grid, distance and bearing to destination - and it does that very well !
  9. Ah! The etrex Summit. Has served me well on many occasions.
  10. Depends were you want to use it, I picked up a 2nd hand mio 168 from ebay it's a PDA with built in GPS if you know were to look you can download memory map from from the net this covers the full of the UK and is OS in 1:25000/1:5000 scale you can pre plan your routes et on a PC then drop them across map on the GPS shows you real time location as well

    battery is a bite shite but you can buy uprated ones from ebay for around £10
  11. My Magellan GPS 2000XL is still doing the biz after 12 years....... but doesn't it look dated.

  12. Try Satmap at get mapping and GPS in one screen based waterproof device!
  13. the Active 10 that I mentioned is a SatMap GPS.

    They do rock!
  14. I like the feature set of this thing, but it does seem to be lacking in the mappage dept.

    How detailed is the world map?
  15. the maps are the best going!

    you do need to buy extra if you want the 1:25000 maps but you get 1:50000 free I believe.

    but unlike most 'mapping' GPS, they don't just show a computer generated map, they show a real OS map. You can place it on top of the paper OS map for the area and it'll look dead on the same.