GPS wanted

I need to survey and authenticate some land boundary markers that have 'drifted' over the years, here in Belize.

Aside from trying to find that Geordie survey blerk from 14 Topo with the jamjar bottom specs, the only way I can think of doing it accurately is to score a GPS.

Any tips or recommendations would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
call me an incurable optimist but have you tried knocking on hte SQMS's door and asking to sign out one of the GPS units you are bound to hold?

That said, GPS is usually only accurate to about 5 m at best (even the mil spec units don't get much better than that) so it is next to useless for defining land boundaries unless the disputed area is in the order of 100's of metres.
If you go and see those nice chaps over at the Army Air Corps hangar I'm sure they'll lend you one.
Swamp Rat,

A normal hand held GPS ain't gonna be up to the job if you're gonna be surveying 'proper' (international?) boundaries. If that's what you need to do, you'll need to get a proper survey done... There are GPSs that can survey down to milimetres for that sort of thing. However, you probably do want that Geordie bloke from 14 Svy if this is what you need.

If however, you just want to check the boundary markers for Baldy Beacon, get hold of a 'Spugger' or similar military GPS which has the mil encryption on and that should be good enough. If you have a gunner or mortarman handy, they should be able to help.

Okay well thanks all for the info.

Useful to know that a common or garden GPS wouldn't be suitable for this application is a big help, many thanks.

Meantwhile, we've cleared some of the bush and found two good cement post markers, with that and the survey plan I think we can work it out with trig and tape measure.

Thanks again.
From what i heard recently the deviation that was built into civ spec GPS's has been "switched off" so now they are as accurate as Mil ones. Might be wrong :?
CH512O said:
From what i heard recently the deviation that was built into civ spec GPS's has been "switched off" so now they are as accurate as Mil ones. Might be wrong :?
SA has been 'off' for some years now, this now allows civ gps to be potentially as accurate, depending on the processing in the Rx. In North America they now also have WAAS which is a half step to differential and in Europe the equivalent EGNOS is pretty much in service.
archer said:
I have a cheap (£100) hand held- etrex- and a quick check
tells me that I have 26 feet accuracy.
If I remeber correctly that is not an absolute accuracy rather an estimation by the machine that 60% of the time you will be within 26ft of the reported position
No wonder it tells me to go right at the lights when I want left....or have I got it to female navigator mode?!
Swamp Rat,

You could get away with a common or garden GPS - but if you're dealing with boundaries to training areas(?) where live firing might be involved, best to try and be as accurate as poss...

Thank you Sir, I am very grateful for your help.

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