GPS v Map and Compass?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by SKJOLD, Oct 21, 2004.

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  1. PoD
    Are they a neccesity on todays battlefield? Or are they just a nice toy to be played with when the weathers nice?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Always handy to check your navigation and useful when 'geographically challenged', but certainly no replacement for the map and compass.

  3. before compasses did people say "yeh compasses are good but always use the sun and the stars" ???
  4. A useful aid in some cases perhaps but i'll stick to my trusty map and compass ta very much.

    It should not and i hope it never will replace basic navigational skills.
  5. i probably know you cdo gunner i was 22 ad from 95-97 20 bty attached
  6. Civi GPS is inaccurate by upto 15 Mtrs (or 46' if you like) and all GPS recievers sold in the UK have this built-in.

    Issue GPS however is accurate to I think 3 Mtrs dependant on signal.

    This is due to U.S. Department of Defence restrictions.
  7. It will get down to single units i.e. metres, but that’s not what the company quotes. With a differential system you can obtain even better results. Always remember we don’t own NAVSTAR, and there are plenty of places who are selling ‘jammers’ these days. SA was switched off a few years ago, so a civi receivers will give good results too. But on the other hand I wouldn’t want to use a civi receiver in a hostile environment.
  8. This topic is too narrow, technology is rapidly heading towards

    map AND compass AND gps

    in one package.

    Sony have started selling an electronic book

    resolution is not quite laser quality (display is only 170 dpi), but its heading in the right direction.
    If the power fails the display shows the last image, so it could display the map required for the current area before the battery dies. Only additional item the user would need is a spare mechanical compass (in case battery dies).
  9. "Remember - a map with a bullet hole in it is still a map - a GPS with a bullet hole in it is useless." - Rather like the person that made this quote up!
  10. I was involved in a navex seven years ago. Bloke had a GPS and swore blind that we were in X position. We had a map and compass and said "b@llocks, X position is over that hill." We were right.

    What is worrying is that the element of human interpretation can be removed, as well as the reliability and fragility issues.
  11. I hope not but I suspect it will rather like the Calculater has replace basic arthmatic and spell check has replaced people learning to spell and write correctly.

    However had had my GPS for just under a year and am still to use it to check, waste of money that was, but its the reassureance that when visibility goes to rat or the map is old I can check
  12. As i have always been told:

    "What is the most dangerous thing in the field?

    An officer with a map and a compass" :oops:
  13. "Whats square and fcuk's officers??"

    MAPS......... :lol: :lol:

    Thank you I'm here till the weekend. I'm also availible for weddings, baptisums etc
  14. :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Brilliant, shall have to remember that! :twisted:
  15. The old Magellen trail blazer sold as a civvy item is as accurate as a military one as some of them were sold with mil spec bits. A civvi one is very accurate though and much closer than the figures quoted here. I have various MoD and civvi GPS over the last few years and as has been said they are useful but I always teach that they are a toll to aid in map reading like the compass, not a replacement.