GPS unit for a Sea Kayaing trip

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by mark3536, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. Good Evening.

    Later this year i will attempta trip Kayaking in the sea solo from Land's End to John O Groats raing money for BLESMA, Combat Stress & H4H.

    I have my route sorted, various Marine Charts & compass etc & tidal calulations ready to go. I am after a portable Marine GPS with loaded charts etc, i have looked on the internet and there are afew, but none that have great reviews.

    Any ideas?
  2. The train?
  3. Haha, well your not that far off! I am using the train to get up there, the Kayak is going in the front baggage hold in the Loco.
  4. The water will be very cold and it sounds like hard work. I'd let the train take the strain. Nothing at John O'Groats other than a few rabbits.
  5. To keep warm I plan to piss myself in my wetsuite at least 5 times a day, i like that feeling, even more when it run's down my left stump (it's quite sensitive) and makes me tingle!
  6. I'll make you tingle but it does seem a long way.
  7. Are you trying to groom me? do you have an amputee festish? ;)

    It is a long way, but Kayaking out in the sea for a few day does not stand out enough when trying to raise money.
  8. It's not a fetish it's about accessibility but if you're sure I'll make some soup.
  9. Dude! thats wrong! (i presume your a dude?)
  10. Yes I am male and you'll find soup warming.
  11. Mark drop Hector Chavez a line. I have the distinct impression he was a Marine and knows some shakeys in Poole so he might be able to get you the best advice for kit choice for your venture.
  12. ARRSE members may be able to make stop-overs and other useful stuff happen. I'm sure with firm dates people would help.
  13. The ARRSE camping club may be able to transport you and it could be a way of raising more cash.

    you will need to purchase separate maps. if you contact them first, they may just upload what you need specifically for this trip.

    they have good discounts for veterans over here. sure they do over there as well...

    click on the right to select what maps you need.

    funny thing, it floats!
  15. I think he wants your stump in his arse!