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I have had a Garmin etrex for about a year. i dont have the software i use it mainly for just getting the grid fast thats about it .so i am not useing it to its full potential . i was wondering have any of you guy got the software . ive seen various ones on the market but they alll look way to expensive and in this age of torrent downloading you should be able to get the software somewhere but ive search and found nowt good
Good point - I'm stuck in middle of nowhere with a Garmin 76c - I can and have used it to it's full potential in similar places but this time I changed laptops and forgot the Trip and Waypoint Manager disc. Whilst I slowly punch myself in the face, I echo the question - is there a downloadable version? I've tried all sorts of herberts who will cheerfully sell me one and send it to me - but I'm not send to-able!
Any help etc
Staaken, Nuba Mts, Nowhere.
Mr_C_Hinecap said:
So, in other words:

I am too tight to pay - can anyone on ARRSE hep me steal a copy? I don't think this site could really condone theft.
Oooh. Get her. Not quite, PC Moral High Ground. I'll pay, but need directions to a site that allows (paid for!) downloads via Tinternet. If you can condone that, chum, I'll sleep so much better-er.
ok fellows ive found the mother load
if like me your computer friendly here are some easy steps to get the garmin topo map of britain v2 for free
step1 download and install garmin training center from garmin for free
step2 download mapsource from this link
step 3 ater downloading both of these open garmin training center exe. and then the map source one
step 4 download this then open your mapsource program from the start programs list and go to view swich to product and select topo great britain . that should be it also if you select the 3rd from the left scroll down bar and click highest it will give you the bestview with all the contours. and questions PM me
polar69 said:
I used to use memory map ( paid for of course ) until I got a new laptop with no serial port
USB cable is available

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