GPS - MGRS & Lat/Long

Does anyone know of a GPS which provides for MGRS and Lat/Long display on the same screen when creating a waypoint? Currently my GPS allows for one or the other, depending on the units selected in the config.
This is a quite a labourious process if I need to convert several waypoints from MGRS to Lat/Long and vice versa.
My Garmin GPS 72 (quite old now) shows MGRS but you can flick to Lat/Lon very easily. I don't know of any GPS that display two sets of coordinates at the same time...
Will you be doing this in the field? or will you be doing this somewhere with a PC or Laptop around? if the latter have a look at this link here - Having not tried this software I have no idea how effective it is - but according to the blurb it can run batch files.

I can't say I have ever come across a handheld GPS that would display two co-ord systems at the same time - but then, it isn't a feature I use so I may have missed it buried deep in the setup menu page.
I'm using a Magellen Meridian at the moment and the SPGR system. Both are quite convoluted in their methods of conversion.

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