I know the SQMS in my Sqn has got Garmin GPS, but they are for aircrew change there then. But due to the fact that me and the SQMS are good friends, I am sure I will be able to get one, can someone tell me how to use it though.
No problem

Put in bergan, leave confines of camp

Close eyes walk out into desert for four days

Dig hole throw GPS in bottom

Walk for another two days

There ;D


Mr B.............If your SQMS has a supply of GPS units in the stores and is refusing to issue you with the kit, go and blow a fuse with your SSM and if that doesn't work go to the OC.  To say that they are for aircrew only is a very sad state of affairs (and I were one)(not a sad state of affairs, I mean aircrew).  I never looked upon myself as better than any groundcrew member (those of you who know me will, I am sure, agree).  Aircrew cannot survive without refuelling, communication etc..
If you, as a ground worker feel that there is a need to use the GPS held in the store then make your SSM/OC give you a reasonable reason..........So there!!!!

PS. If ORG can use one then anyone can!!!!
Who needs GPS? We all know the Army can get by in the desert with a piece of sand paper and a prismatic compass!!!

Didn't harm either Monty or Rommell  ;) ;) ::)

Just towing the party line!!!!!!!!


Funny how they found the cash to buy and install GPS in aircraft but not in vehicles......................What am I saying, It slipped my mind, we're talking about the Army Air Corps (Bowser mongs and groundies are simply not worthy of any kit which is useful,working or modern)!!!!!!!
Or am I just cynical?!


Plod, Have you actually asked your SQMS or SSM or OC if its possible to get a GPS unit.  Use the argument of needing it to help with map reading in the sand pit or setting up a night FARP (do they still fly at night?).  Please dont blame us aircrew for things that are fitted to Helicopters, that decision is made way above our heads.  You sound a little bitter, but try reasoning it out with your bosses, you might feel better.
The MoD Capability Manager ( Old OR Branch to you retired guys) actually ran out of money for GPS about 4 months into this FY.

Now, If GPS were to have a function directly relating to Equal Opportunities, or keeping illegal electrical appliances out of the blokes block, then the guys would have them tomorrow.

Not sure about these anti-tank helicopters you're talking about.  Do you mean the new gate guardian programme, or perhaps its actually the direct replacement for the Midge Drone???

( On reflection, Midge actually flew......) ;)

Great thread and I would love to have been issued with my shiny new etrex, but no I had to buy it because I might just need one.

Unfortunately you cant buy an A2 Rifle in the high street so lets hope the budget goes that far or we are all Fu**ed.

There is so much kit we will never get until it’s to late.


Thankyou MSD. That is exactly what I needed.  Guys/Gals go on that website and print out the specs, prices etc of the units and take it to the OC/OC/SSM or whoever in authority will listen to you. There is even a unit in camouflage paint!!!
before everyone goes dashing out to buy one, is there anyone who has used this kit in anger, that can tell us what features to look for? (Without compromising yourself)

I'm afraid my sole experience to date with this , is swearing at a dead one on top of the Black Mountains...
You don't need many features, other than a good selection of "grid systems" as well as UTM & Lat/Long.

The last is essential because every time I have moved out of OSGB (aka Blighty) the maps all seem to have their own unique grid system  :mad:.

If ORG lives north of the border then I have probably bought a couple of units from him and they are excellent for when the Crabs drop you at their interpretation of the grid you have given them ;D

As has been mentioned earlier - GPS should be used to identify the grid square(ish) you are in and not to navigate to the edge of Beachy Head in thick fog!
I can confirm that the kit MSD mentions in an above post is bang on!

It would be ideal for CP / FARP cmdrs anywhere within the Corps, I have tried to find the kit cheaper on the net and through various sources, but hes selling it cheaper than I can buy it at trade.

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