I have just read an entry by ORG and I noticed he mentioned the issue of GPS.  Why the hell aren't the troops on the ground, who really could use them, especially in the sand pit, being issued with GPS. Hullo!!
they cost approximately $250 approx.100 uk pounds.
That is chickenfeed to an OC's budget. The OC could purchase 1/2 dozen or so and keep them in the CP for issue to the recce guys/girls or the convoy commander and 2 i/c.  If the OC spends a little more he can even have GPS with moving map technology.  

Hey, ORG, I actually agreed with you..........what am I thinking!!!!!!!!
If GPS is available for as little as £100 why isn't it available to MT/sigs/SQMS etc

Or is it the 'If you want shiney kit buy it yourself' thing rearing its head again


Remember, if you want the kit and you say that its for the Army, the price triples.  I use GPS regularly in everyday tasks.  I drive a "big rig" now and the moving map is outstanding, as well as satellite tracking.  I do wish that the Brit Mil would get up to date with technology.
A Sqn could have five sets for a monkey

We used to spend more than that on a Sqn Barbie,

Do Sqn funds & subs still exsist or is that just a whip round for the OCs wifes Gin cabinet
If you want the kit from me and it's for the Army, the price reduces by 10%.

Let free enterprise rule. Screw the Mil contracts, we all know the one about the £700.00 screwdriver.

I seriously do own a company that sells these, although I WILL NOT advertise it here (for obvious reasons) and it sickens me that the guys have not got the gear. This is a thread that me, MDN, PTP etc took up sme time ago. As far as I know, we are all still working out our battle plans ;D


ORG.........Take a GPS unit to a friendly OC or CO and try and sell him/her on the idea.  At least try to sell the idea with a terrific demonstration of the equipments ability.  Demonstrate the capabilities of the various units, and offer the units at a reasonable price.  Try talking to other Arms who use the equipment and get the pros and cons from them......may help your case.
On a very serious note, do OC's and CO's have the authority to spend money outside of the Squadrons or Regiments contributed (by the troops) fund? (I.e. MOD funds)

I know it's a daft question, but if they do and always have done, then I, for one, am extremely p1ssed off that this money wasn't spent on similar kit during GW1 etc, etc.

If it is from the Squadron/Regimental contributed fund (PRI as we used to call it, is it still the same?), well, fair play, as long as the contributors agree to it (which I am sure that they would) but again, if so, WHY aren't the troops made more aware that they could buy gear like GPS, I certainly do not ever remember being asked if we wanted to buy, well, anything really, the OC or CO just decided what was "best" for us.

Or are the troops consulted and I am just remembering things through rose coloured Bino's and we would have rather had a Sqn BBQ?

Now I’m not stupid enough to believe that if a vote was put to the troops and the choices were “Shall we buy a minibus which you can all go out on the p1ss in or shall we buy 50 GPS systems”, that they would vote for the GPS, but those of us that have been “in theatre” know that we have got nowhere near what we need and will never get it if we wait for the MOD.


Keep 10% of the fund each year for the “war” kitty, buy a minibus that’s a year older. ASK the troops if they want the kitty kept for “essentials” like GPS. Conflicts nowadays are close enough together that there will always be “old sweats” in the ranks to persuade the Sprogs.

THEN, tell the press that you have to keep soldiers OWN money behind to buy kit that we desperately need to do our jobs. I’m sure Murdochs’ mob would then contribute in exchange for a few comments ;)

Unless, of course, OC’s and CO’s have their own budgets. In the AAC these would have to be VERY minor in order to ensure that FARP and Sigs guys were given items like GPS. I am sure that many of the lads out there can think of many other items that they would want, but to me, GPS in a desert is almost as important as water.

Drunken Rant Off ;D


ORG.......Its been a while since I had any dealings with OC's and CO,s but I am sure that they must see the advantages of having this piece of kit.  If you can supply the units at a reasonable discounted price to the troops without going to the bosses, then do it.  I am sure that the average guy does not know about GPS and its capabilities. When the soldier is not using it for Military duties he can then use it to remember where he caught the big fish, or he can use it to navigate to the nearest pub or find the nearest camel!.  Seriously ORG talk to some of the serving Corps members and see what result you get.  Are there any soldiers out there who would willingly spend a hundred quid to buy a GPS for there own use???


OK, i'm sure a number of people would have heard of "SA" or Selective Availabilty. this makes your GPS accurate or not very accurate...... and as the mighty US gov controls this, i reckon most civie GPS will be absolute shite from D-10 to D+10000000000000. however, what radio system do EVERY AAC cp and comms det hold.......? PRC346, thats fcuking what! the interim, pre BOWMAN radio UHF radio kit. it's got a GPS reciever thats encrypted, so it will work when the balloon goes up.

so divent panic its all good
I find it hard to believe that even now there isn't a better system in place, with all the kit on the Market surely we can find something a little better than, 351, 353, 344 etc, the 346 is a joke, not only does it garot you but it has the range of man with no legs.

as for GPS how good, robust reliable, accurate is the unit for £100,

I have sat nav in my Mercedes, irrelavent but i haven't mentioned it for a while ;D


You must be sat in an ivory tower somewhere,
the 344 went out of service 4 years ago
how did you get garrotted by a 346? not using the carring case properly.....?
and the SPGPR (gps on the 346) costs about 3 grand
and it is very good kit, can be connected up to lazer bino's and it will give you the grid of where you fire the laser at.
but true to form, how many people in our illustrious corps know how to use it.........?

"we dont need to know that, its grunt stuff"
Apols 346 confused with 349.....oops

Wasn't aware the 344 had gone.....good move


Hi GPS is accurate to 30' in most situations and runs off 12 satellites. It cost substantially more that 100 quid.  However the cheaper units run off 6 or 8 satellites and are accurate in most cases to 150'.
How accurate does a convoy commander have to be? He can navigate to the area of the selected position much quicker if he/she relies on or trusts the GPS. We used to use them in the helis as hand held units when they first came out.  They weren't bad, but we were all a little wary about the trust issue back then.  Having the GPS units available to soldiers, no matter what Arm they are in, can only be a good thing!
Once again I find myself agreeing with Kenny.

My original suggestion for the guys to buy their own GPS units wasn't so that they could direct artillery fire or call in an air strike, it was so that the poor b*stard lance jack (which was me!) that gets sent out to set up  a FARP or Rebro station with NO useful gear whatsoever doesn't get lost in the process and can be confident that he is within at least 200 metres.

Even a floppy pilot could find them then ;D

Well, maybe ;)
Understand what you are saying ORG, definitely a good thing to have but we will once again be masking a problem at our own expense.  I know we've all done it for years and I agree with it as far as comfy stuff goes because we are all made differently but not with hardware.  If it can be proven that there is a specific need for GPS then it should be 'staffed up' because even if the CO/OC pays for the initial buy, those units may need to be repaired/serviced later.  Who will pay for that?  Better it comes from the public purse like any other equipment.  Good luck though :)
For what it's worth, the CO, every OC, Pl Comd Wr Sgt, most Sect Comds, Recce Car Comds etc have bought their own in my BG, although there is a Magellan on issue, but not very many units per unit, if you get my drift.
i think ORG is right you do not need a piece of kit that is accurate to the width of a piece of tissue paper, just get ting you in the right area would benefit most users.

Fine tuning with a map once in the right half a grid or so would suffice.

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