GPS Instructor Quals/Cse

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ebbadger, Jul 6, 2007.

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  1. Ladies n Gents,
    Just found this site after recommendations from a student whos been on a GPS Instructor course for 2 weeks..... Had a good few chuckles at the comments on the MAPRIC Courses and Boris whom I work with...#

    The reason for this post (and Im hopefully putting it in the right area??) is to push the GPS Instructor course to the Military Guys n Girls who frequent this site, The course is undersubscribed at the moment and we have been told people are put off by the DCI which states you must be MAPRIC/GPS User/ Unit Nav qual'd, this is being rewritten as the quals are not necessary just advantageous.

    Its a 2 week course that gives you the spec qual to teach GPS Users on the in service GPS unit and qualify them on UNICOM / JPA if it works :)

    If you are interested I can be contacted most weekdays on Mil 94231 4332

    If poss could the mods make this sticky for a while???

    Cheers Steve
  2. Boris still kicking around showing his compass collection off then, good guy. This GPS course, One Army? or just regs. Plugger or splugger or summat else?
  3. Yep Boris is still going strong, The course is open to Tri Service and Ive even had TA soldiers doing it as their 2 week camp :)

    Its now SPGR ... Specialist Personal GPS Receiver... 8O

    Cheers Steve
  4. That's cheating ;)
  5. Steve

    PM sent , cheers :)
  6. I did the HH GPS Instructor Couse in 2003 having first completed MAPRIC and the 5 day GPS user course.

    I would personally recommend doing MAPRIC first as it will help have a better understanding of Lat/Long, UTM, BNG and MGRS grids, which is covered on the 1st few days of GPS Instructor.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend to anyone who is interested.

    Is the School still running the 5 day Unit Navigator course? If yes what are the dates?
  7. I did this in 2002. Good course, it would best suit those in the mortars or sigs. :wink: