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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Welease_Woger, Apr 21, 2006.

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  1. I heard once upon a time that there was a GPS Instructor Course. Does anyone know if the course still exists and if it does, any details? I know they are officially frowned upon but so many people have them and I happen to think that they can be rather a dangerous weapon when used incorrectly (oh how I love being lost!!).

  2. This course defiantly exsists, GPS is not frowned upon. Idiots that have no idea how to use a map and compass are frowned upon. GPS is here to stay, BOWMAN relies upon it. Its here to stay and we had better know how to use it properly before we all get lost!
  3. Spanish_Dave

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    Did Boris not run the GPS course :D
  4. Attended No6 GPS Instructor course 04 Jul 94 - 06 Jul 94 at The School of Military Survey Royal Engineers, Hermitage, Berkshire. Even have a bit of paper to prove it! Good two days on the lash. I expect that 12 years on it has morphed into a 14 week class 1 career course LOL.
  5. Handheld GPS user instructor courses still run at the Hermitage in Berkshire, and I believe in Cyprus. If you still need details let me know by PM, and I'll have a look at the relevant DIN. Course concentrates on military issue kit but also gives insight into Garmin etc. Once you can use one and understand the theory behind map datums etc, you can use them all.