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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by future_rupert, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. I am looking to buy a GPS and would like to be able to program points into it by longitude and latitude and by coordinates on OS maps, without having to link it to a laptop. I used a basic Garmin etrex last summer, but could only get it to navigate towards points that had been stored in the memory (ie I had already been there). If anyone could suggest a GPS that would be reasonably rugged as well that would be great.


  2. Etrex summit works a treat, plus the compass can be set to mils
  3. fr, unless this is a wah 8O I could be being dense here but virtually all Garmin GPS run on the same operating system. Normally going into the units page and set up to degrees minutes decimal minutes.

    I use a Garmin Forerunner that is superb. It is unweildy to input data quickly as there is no joystick function, but the beauty of wearing it on your wrist is brill, you can set up the nav page to split screen UTM/WGS84 and LatLong.


  4. My two sons have the basic etrex and it is easy to input waypoints in either Lat/Long or OS grids (or any number of other conventions you can think of). I have had two other Garmin products myself: etrex Legend (basic mapping) and currently using GPSMAP60Cx both of which can take manual inputs. If you plan on inputting a lot of waypoints it can become a pain so a PC link is the best way - I regularly upload 500+ waypoints and download tracks to both Google Earth and Memory-Map.
  5. Johnny, how do you get UTM/WGS84 and LatLong on the custom?

    I have been playing around with it but can't seem to find anything like that only 'elevation' which is really useful.

    I have the 301.
  6. Yep I have the 101 and theres only Elevation on that too..

    Can anyone recommend any good GPSs for use in the field/sandy places ?
  7. Eventually went for an etrex Summit. Does all that I want and the mils setting is definitely a useful option. Just got to work out how to use it now!
  8. garmin foretrex 101 awesome piece of kit. i have one and now i hear they may start issuing them in the near future!