GPS down under

You can't go wrong with Garmin. Grab a map when you get there, that will give you the Map datum and co-od style. Good luck :wink:

Try GDA 94, most Garmins wil default to the co-ord style for the datum. :idea:
vandyke said:
Any GPS from the UK will just need to turn it upside down
And select "Strine" for the language.

That option is buried quite deeply in the menu system, so you have to search for it.

I had a Tom Tom 910 with UK Europe and North America map preloaded, I upgraded an Australian & New Zealand map on to it for £118 and it worked fine no problems, it took me all over NZ and Aus without any major problems.
Dung_trumpet said:
Proximo said:
semper said:
I had a Tom Tom 910...
Is this is a serious response?
No it was a mis-type..

It should of read

"I had Tom (9) and Tom (10) and I raped their cadet anuses all over Australia"
I think you have misread the Title of the thread, the NAFFI bar is somewhere else :D
serious answer, I think Tom Tom sat navs are probably one of the best ones to use, fairly user friendly and upgradable,

go to Maps and enter your model number and then it will give you various options, depending how old the model is, make sure your GPS version is updated to recognise the new maps, I had to do that as my TT didn't "see" the maps even tho it was installed on the hard drive of the GPS so updated the software (free) and away I go.

they are now going cheap these days so there is a few options.
Excellent, thanks for that.

I wonder if we can do this via a UOR? Lots of bright shiny screens all over the ulu? Power management might be an issue. What about the annoying voice? Aren't we concerned that a ******* Tom Tom has a precision value of 'it is somewhere near here?'

I guess not.
Isn't Oz a big fucking island?? How can you get lost you drive and come to the ocean turn around and drive the other way and come to another ocean...GPS is for poofters
Captain Cook found the fcuking place without a gps, even one holding the co-ordinates of post boxes and cadet sphincters.
GPS is good for work stuff - exercises / ops etc. but you'll generally be issued one (ASLAV has them as standard) However for driving around on Holidays etc. I wouldn't bother. here's not that many places you can lost in - unless you're a complete road map-moron (don't worry - I am!).

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