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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by compus_mentus, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. I want a handheld GPS for hiking, x-country nav etc. You can pick them up for £60 or so from Amazon. Trouble is, I quite fancy an in-car satnav also. Anyone know of a product that would suit both? Needs to be able to take waypoints (e.g. lat/long coords) and then direct to them, as well as postcodes etc.

    Any ideas?
  2. why long n lat?
  3. On Dartmoor, they have a hobby called 'Letterboxing' which involves use of a map and compass. This GPS one seems like a middle-class urbanite version. I think Kate and Gerry did some Geocaching with the kids.

  4. Indeed, however letterboxing on Dartmoor has to be one of the most fantastically Darwinian pastimes ever invented!

    "whats this lump of metal on a former firing range, I'll pick it up and see whats insiBOOM!
  5. Lol. However, I believe that letterboxing pre-dates both Darwin's theory and the use of Dartmoor ranges for HE shells. Incoming!
  6. I have a Garmin GPSMap60CSx seen here.

    I have a 2G mem card with O/S type mapping for the whole of the UK another with all the road and rail networks in Europe. Lots more mapping software is available. Its primarily a hand held GPS uses 2x AA battery. Also come with a clip to mount in a car or boat and can run from mains or batt power via a mini USB socket. Also has an external antenna socket. It will navigate roads but this is'nt its primary purpose so it will not talk to you with a crap Ozzy Osborn accent.