GPO Model 746 Phones

Does anyone know if these classic '70's phones will work on a Virgin Media line?

Virgin say it will work, but seem to lack conviction.

Can any BT types give a definitive answer?


It's the exchange that would be the problem not the line.

The 746 was purely analogue and all exchanges now are digital.

Shop around a bit and you may find someone who can put a conversion board inside the thing.
Check your phone does it have a switch underneath for pluse or tone if so switch it over to tone. All our exchanges are tone you can buy phones that are upgraded or remade ones failing that just get with the 21st centuray and go cordless like every other bugger
With a new plug end they will work.

It is a bugger though when at the other end your banks says type in your card number then press #
I could make it work within 2 minutes :)

Oh the glorious days of loop disconnect, primary line constants and Strowger exchanges :)

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