Discussion in 'Infantry' started by andy_smith, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. What is the range of the gpmg 7.62mm ?
  2. No it's much more than 7.62mm.

    Why do you want to know?
  3. Maximum effective range?
    Against a point target?
    Against an area target?
    Grazing fire or plunging fires?

    Be specific in your request... ;)
  4. heard of google ?
  5. Judging from previous posts, perhaps he's writing an action novel about troops in Afg (who get to choose their IPW, so SAS?) and in one no-doubt-thrilling scene naughty types are just outside/on the cusp of GPMG range (whatever that is)...?

    Or he's in the Taleban. 'Andy Smith' indeed...
  6. Veee vill not tell yue!
  7. Depends light role or tripod mounted ,direct fire or map predicted .
    Rounds will easily reach 1000m but hitting an Indviduial would be a matter of luck with the first burst .With iron sights difficult to see some targets that far but wouldn't want to hang around to allow gunner to adjust .

  8. If he is writing a novel, then the Man needs to address his grammer, sharpish. Check the other posts. "Author", indeed. Pah!

    Asking too many weapon questions to be over 15 years old, i reckon.
  9. Speak for yerself, had no probs getting 1st Burst hits at tracer burn out, 3 out of 5 times. Main Thing it should be a GPMG SF section firing at that sort of range. :wink: and that can spoil terry terrorists entire afternoon. :twisted:
  10. 1800m Light Role
    2600m SF Role
    Upto 3000m Map Predicted
  11. Depends on the target white shed on salisbury plain no problem .Black pile of tyres on a rain swept otterburn moor though think that was 1100m that was eye strain time .Still think couldn't aim at a solitary bloke unless he was skylined or wearing an orange cagoule as you just wouldn't see him without an optic sight .
  12. Also depends who's shoulder the butt is in.

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  13. speak for yourself knobber, never had any problems!

  14. Trace burn out on a hot and cold gun as well.
  15. They worked pretty well on the 56 ton mounting aswell.