Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Fishsoxs, May 14, 2007.

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  1. Sorry if this is the wrong thread.

    I have been using the GPMG for a few weeks now in my new TA role. Although I really enjoy using the weapon, cleaning it is another matter especially the gas plug.

    Therefore are there any wierd and wonderful ways of removing concrete hard carbon after a day's firing? Or do i resign myself to scotchbrite and a wire brush?

  2. Leave it soaking in a wee bit of Coca Cola to remove those stubborn stains.

    *Dons helmet and awaits incoming*

  3. Brake cleaner makes the barrel clean as a whistle. I use it regularly on my Diemaco.
  4. Brake cleaner 8O would that not erode the barrell ?
  5. Parker Hale 009 or similar is the best thing for softening/dissolving propellant fouling.
    Buy it online here:
    You'll want the type in a bottle rather than in an aerosol so that you can soak parts in it. Beware though it's a glass bottle - this stuff would attack a plastic bottle.

    For barrel cleaning the best thing by far is this:
    Forrest bore foam. Squirt it in like shaving foam. Leave for ten minutes. Scrub out with a bore brush. Wipe out with a patch or two. Job done. It gets all the copper fouling out too.
    It's not really the thing for gas parts I don't think but you could try it.

    It's got a NSN too so you could perhaps get through COS..?
  6. Easiest way to clean it is wait til your mates done his then swap it. (So long as its gleamers ;) )
  7. No.

    It doesn't erode your brakes does it?
  8. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Vinegar also works fairly well. Better than second hand Coke I would imagine!

    Get an old 35mm film case, drop the plug in there to soak whilst you clean the rest.

  9. No no no, its
  10. i always used to use simonize chrome cleaner..
    that was brilliant on the gas parts..
  11. Top Tip:

    Get a spare. Keep one clean and one working ie, Clean enough!! Works for me!
  12. that was a naughty practice in my day..

  13. Coke is a wiinner!!
  14. A spare one in your pocket, leave it in coke over night.