Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Boris3098, Aug 3, 2010.

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  1. So let's think about GPMGs for a moment. This is going to be a wee bit like re inventing the wheel for us old n bold; but then it did work in 1982!
    Gunner- Should be the most important bloke in the section, gets the gimpy and (with armour) around 6-800 rounds of link.
    No 2. Carries another 6-800 rounds. More if they can manage it!
    No ECM. The Gun Group should be there simply to aim, fire and feed the GPMG!
    Section members. EVERYONE ELSE should carry at least 100 rounds of link. Preferably 150.
    In prolonged contact this should be passed up to the Gun Group.
    The GPMG has a lovely long, heavy barrel with bipod and 7.62mm rounds. Part of Bn shooting team was 800m shoot at triple fig 11 over iron sights.
    Why has it not got a decent optical sight (x6)
    And why are we still messing around with Minimi.

    I know the L85 is fully automatic, but surely you should be pampering that lovely long barrelled, heavy, accurate GPMG!

    Worked in my day. A good gunner was worth his weight in gold. *
    The only other weapon aside from the L129 that should be pampered like this is the UGL.
  2. I did my Brecon Section Commanders course in 1983. On the live section attack phase (week 1 I think) I had to fire in my guys, using the GPMG, on a left flanking attack on a sandbagged bunker that had taken the permanent staff no small time to complete. By the time the guys had reached the FAP the 'bunker' was no longer. That earned me a kick in the head. That was the first of 3 attacks that should have been carried out!

    GPMG is a ******* superb weapon and a must for every section.
  3. Fit the feedcover with a Piccatinny rail and use the Canadian ELCAN (US M145 MGO) optic, works well.
  4. Umm...what's your point here? Not a lot has changed from the above with the exception of 5.56mm link being added and spread about for the LMG gunners.
  5. im with him!!! havent seen it being left behind on any patrol ive been on!

    as for the x6 well you cant see the cnuts 9 times outta 10 anyway! if you can see them sniper gets first dibbs followed up by a volley. dont think better optics would give you any advantage in our current scraps
  6. Most of them have a SUSA now anyway or have the option of one. Though quite why you would want an optic on an area weapon that has such a large beaten zone is beyond my understanding anyway. I suspect it might be something to do with placement of fire and identifying your enemy driven by the current policy of courageous restraint. I took it off every time I got lumped with it, as I took my ACOG off my LMG and put the iron sight back on (Though to be fair it's quite possible to pass the rifle APWT with an LMG so I can see some use for it up to 300m).
  7. Not having a go. Just that (And I left in 1983!) In all the reporting I'm seeing I don't see a gun group. I see gunners looking after the gun on their own. I think the GPMG was considered more important back then. I think that it's undervalued now. Possibly because of the advent of the LSW in '86. We took care to make sure the gun was the one weapon that knew where the opposition was (if known)
    The optical sight comment is because everyone else has them, apart from the source of greatest, heavy, accurate firepower.
    By the way, wasn't it week 2?
  8. Ah. Didn't realise they were fitted with SUSAT. Not seen that. I think I saw Canadians (?) with the ELCAN possibly. I know the US 240 has picatinny on the top cover.
    I'm impressed with the APWT comment.
  9. first round accuracy is brilliant! im not gonna comment on who carries what for it as were on a website and im sure most units are different but the emphasis appears to be the same as a few moons ago
  10. We DO still have dedicated MG platoons which still operate on the same basis you mentioned on your first post ;)

    You mention why are we still messing around with minimis? Probably because it still is an excellent weapon in the light role and you'll find alot of of gunner will have them fitted with SUSAT
  11. Sounds good. I was a little surprised (and dismayed) last year when a mates son deployed as gunner. No number two and he was supposed to carry all his own link.
  12. It's only got a large beaten zone if the firer is rubbish or he wishes to create a large beaten zone. I agree though. No need for an optical sight on GPMG.
  13. Points taken chaps, but without a number two to spot, being able to observe better may help. As Fally said beaten zone is really a reflection of either a crap gunner, or SF kit tripod. A good gunner should be double or triple tapping.
    Seems to me that the GPMG is not used as it was in my day (creak, Where's me bag nurse?
    Ithink not enough is possibly being made of that long heavy barrel, bipod n round.
  14. Having a number 2 is still an option but it's rarely done these days, though splitting the link down is still standard practice. It's usually a more informal affair now as well (I.e. "If we get bounced will you be my number 2 on then gun if I need you"). To be fair GPMG and LMG is not a massively effective weapon against them 90% of the time because of their TTP's when it comes to an engagement. You very rarely see their firing positions. They either fire from deep within a compound, usually through murder holes (Sometimes through two or more murder holes offset at an angle so you have no chance in hell of seeing them), or they line up themselves where they think you will be going, fire on a bearing and leg it.

    To that end the UGL is more effective in a contact because they don't like the big bangs when they come back at them, however the problem the UGL has in my opinion is it's aiming sight doesn't really give it the accuracy it needs to be all it could be. GMG is available which does but firing that thing at the moment is a bit of a drama in itself with the current policy in place. While we have LASM, in my opinion the British Army needs a weapon like the RPG-7.
  15. I may be completely wrong, but I don't see the point in any long-gun being used on the battlefield without optics of one sort or another. It just makes life so much easier if you can see the general location of the ******* you happen to be shooting at, or so I think anyway.


    Completely agree with Soldier. We need a weapon like the RPG. Simple, effective, and capable of carrying BFO size rockets, as the diameter of the rounds do not necessarily have to match the diameter of the launcher, as they stick out of the front end and are thus independent in calibre.