GPMG T-Shirt

I'm looking forward to seeing the T-shirt of the SMG with butt extended and bayonet attached.
Change the LINK to LNK.

Change the black circle (symbol for ball) after LINK to a circle with a cross in it (NATO interchangeability Mark).

Youll be fine with the rest.
1x ball 1x tracer? Special belt for November 5th, is it...?
It’s available. Though usually issued for chain gun.


I liked the way you had it originally. It's your design,, trust in yourself.

Don’t use fruit of the loom t shirts, absolutely shit.

I‘d recommend Uneek branded t shirts. We recently had some Felix not Forgotten T Shirts and many have commented on their good quality.
So here we are then folks. The front design is going to stay the same, there are 2 versions of the rear design shown. If people would be so kind as to pick a design they like, I can see which one is the preferred design. I will start to look into the costings and time scale.

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GPMG for me.....

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