GPMG SF drawing

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by armr617, Apr 13, 2010.

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  1. Greetings,
    Does anyone on here have a decent line drawing of a GPMG set up on tripod.
    Its for use on a photo, so needs to be better quality than the one in the GPMG AESP.

    (no its not for the taliban/press/BNP etc etc)

    Cheers to anyone who can help (or even a link to something on TDOL or armynet)
  2. Unfortunatly not, but thanks for the assist, its the line style drawings that you might see in the pams.
    I need the one sat on the SF tripod with C2 sight
  3. Sorry, I drew it in a bit of a rush:

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  4. Very nice smudge- but would it pass the roper challenge?
  5. Smudge did you do that on an Etch-a-Sketch? I love it! Do a horse now!
  6. Smudge bet you cant do Tyne Bridge>
  7. Have you tried ringing the weapons museum at Warminster, fairly helpful on such matters
  8. cant find the tripod

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  9. Thats nothing like Tyne Bridge!
  10. Nothing passes the Roper challenge!
  11. Just to make you happy

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  12. It does if you squint ;)
  13. Or had a bucket-load of broon ale.