GPMG SAC Any body ever seen one?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Rocky_Yeti, May 1, 2007.

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  1. Heres a quick one for you where about to spend to weeks on holiday at the sea side ( Hythe & Lydd ) with a bit of MG firing thrown in for Sh*ts and giggles. and have been tasked with ballancing and bore sighting all the guns before we go.
    So has any body ever see a small arm collimaitor ( Think thats how you spell it so no piss taking ) Am aware of the one for the L96 which could be used on the secondary iron sight and telescopic sight but seems strange not to have one for the gun?

    Anybody any come back?
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Nope, never seen one for the GPMG. They may well exist, but I don't see how they would work well, given that the foresight is often removed from the weapon. You are better off boresighting it (the Armourer can make you the angled mirror and crosshairs, if you don't have them already) and zeroing it properly I'm afraid.
  3. Bit difficult with all three barrels. GPMF SF is an area weapon so hitting the left eye of a nat at 800m is not the point. You can get the barrels in the right direction by mounting it on the tripod, removing the but and working parts, lay it onto a distant point target (longer the better) and looking through the barrel to see if it is on. If not lay the gun by using the bore and lock then adjust the sights.

    But if you are going to balance the barrels (all three) then why not zero at 25m at the same time. I am assuming that you know you can only balance the barrels when firing.
  4. A company down the road from me makes collimators for all of the small arms in UK service, including the GPMG. I assume that its too much trouble to issue them, and all the GPMG collimators are stacked on a shelf somewhere, gathering dust and waiting for the GPMG to go out of service before they can be surplussed off....
  5. Yes am aware that you need to fire the gun to ballance them
    Am trying to bore sight to aviod the good old " Tell that Tosser on lane 4 he not hitting the screen try coming left 25 clicks " and zeroing at 25m isn't always that good or accurate.
  6. It will be as good as bore sighting and would seam to be less problematic. If they are set on tripods and sandbagged in you should be OK.
  7. In 22 years as an armourer I never found a gun that couldn't be zeroed at 25m. Set the sights in the middle vertically and laterally and start from there. Make sure the working parts are well lubed and crack on. If it's hitting the target 2 lanes to the left I suggest you recalibrate the muppet behind the gun.
  8. You said it first, Geoffrey!

    My thoughts exactly . . . .

    We always managed to get them spot-on at 25x in NI.

  9. Didn't say it could not be done just that it is not as accurate as firing at 4 aimming marks ( 1 burst at each as per AOSP ) means repositioning the gun after each burst