GPMG Replacement maybe?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Dan1vikings08, Feb 18, 2011.

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  1. HK started with the upgrade of GPMGs last year. As mention in KiT Magazine. Don't need no stinking new gun.
  2. Whats wrong with GPMG?

    Its a battle winner
  3. The **** on the end. Haw haw. you asked fer it man.
  4. The in-service date is quoted as 2003 yet I have yet to see anything on this variant being widely deployed.
    The GPMG still rocks even if some of us colonials fondly remember it as the MAG.
    Mind you there was a certain popularity for the RPD on very long [5 day] patrols!
  5. I love using the jimpy especially in the SF role. Im all up for the "if it aint broke dont try and fix it" motto. Doesnt hurt to see what else is out there. The stopping power of the LMG chambered for 5.56 just isnt enough to drop someone at 100m+ wheres as this badboy would have no trouble in doing so. I can see the LMG being replaced with this in years to come. If so, what would become of the jimpy. It would jus be a heavier version of the new LMG, Just a possibilty plenty of ifs and buts.
  6. Ahh, I wondered when this would come up.

    Have you seen the effects of a penetrating 5.56mm on the human body at 100m compared to 7.62mm?

    Perhaps a bigger problem with the LMG is probably the diddy barrel length on our 'para' version, which means that at longer ranges it just turns ammo into brass and noise. And unfortunately the Taleban haven't read the big book of supression - chapter 1: What scares people.
  7. Yep naff all especially if he/she is wearing CBA,
  8. So you're saying a 5.56mm impact on the human body does essentially "naff all"

    And how many Taleban do you see wearing CBA with a ballistic plate (most of which are designed to stop 7.62, by the way)?
  9. Your not catching my drift fella, why have the LMG chambered for 5.56 when it can be upscaled to 7.62 and can still be used as a section weapon in the LMG role. This surely if to go ahead would render the GPMG usless (a weapon that is heavy as fook and does the same job) Again im not knocking the jimpy by any means. Im just saying converting the LMG to 7.62 increases the stopping power of the weapon at a fraction of the weight of the jimpy
  10. Care to stand at 101m with your infinite knowledge?
  11. ill pass no really....ill pass
  12. 8kg vs 12kg is not a fraction of the weight. Add a 200rd belt and that weight difference doesn't look as great.
  13. That is very true
  14. I can assure you the LMG we have in service now does a magnificent enough job against Mr Taliban at approximately 250-300m.