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Discussion in 'REME' started by Ralf, Jun 29, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone tell me if you can just slap a brand new Blank Firing Barrel onto the gun or does it have to have any twiddling done ie head spacing or any other wizz tech stuff???
  2. Hardly wizz tech stuff really!
    Get the jockey wilson esque ARMR to look it over before any firing(some units have designated barrels for each GPMG)
    The barrel should be stamped up 'Blank firing only' and should be mated to a particular gun have flash elim fitted(painted yellow) also the carrying handle should bear the same colours.
    Once the Remes are happy make sure you have balanced it properly too otherwise it'll be back in the dungeon again very soon with loose rivets!
    Did the barrel come thru the system as blank or has it been converted from shot out one?
    Think thats all or at least more of a start than just put a barrel on! ha ha
  3. Yes it as to be gauged up by your unit armourer!

  4. I thought so but some brain dead SAA instr thinks different. The barrels were found in the Armoury (brand spankers) and idiot was going to slap it on straight out of the wrapping and go fire it on a demo !!!!!!! with no REME inspection.
  5. You don’t waste a brand spanker barrel on blank. If it has no markings other than proof squirrel it away for overhead fire, if it looks new but has a number on it is refurbished. Even if it is refurbed don’t use it for blank, get your armourer to determine the worst barrel of all and convert that for blank and replace with the new un.

  6. We are an Aviation unit so dont use em for owt else!!!!!!!
  7. make sure you fit the internal bfa as well
  8. Excellent advice, completely correct.
  9. You might also want to do the following:

    Slap the "brain dead SAA instr" round the head with a mouldy badger. (I find that using one that has been brewing for 5 to 6 weeks works best.)
  10. Chuzu Im going to need help on that one !!
  11. I am sure I can source a mouldy badger from somwhare!!

  12. However it will probably be the "brain dead SAA instr", as you call him, who will more than likely balance the gun for you. And as long as the gun is balanced ok it should surfice for a demo.
  13. yellow bit of metal in spare parts wallet fit it in breach under the silver plate if in doubt ask an RS
  14. Lets be real here, a 12 year old girl could balance a GPMG!!

  15. Would that be the same SAC type Gadgie who would rag 2 pre prepared OHF guns for six weeks in Kenya then expect said guns to pass the inspection criteria for OHF. Guns fail, said instructor bullies support coy OC in to bullying Bn armourer in to passing guns fit to fire. Armourer mit integrity refuses, an OC fire any way then has 2 breech explosions!!!

    Shit happens and it’s a wild world out there